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Member Since 25 Dec 2012
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Topics I've Started

Medical Phobias- Face Your Fears

14 March 2013 - 11:36 AM

1) Needles (Belonephobia):

 I use LabCorp for bloodwork and never see the same person twice. Went today and it was more than a misquito bite pain. I used deep diaphragmatic breathing to beat this phobia.


2) Doctor's Office ( Iatrophobia):

Called white coat syndrome. Especially with  a new doctor. Higher blood pressure than normal? You get 140/70 and your labeled hypertensive.

I take my Bp daily and  show my results to the Dr. He quickly retracts his opinion. It's stranger to stranger warfare( even after a year) with some of these people.


3) Blood (Hemophobia): Not to much of a problem if in a vial. 


4) Anesthesia (Trypanophobia):  The risk is extremely low. At 67yo, went under for recent colonoscopy and endoscopy (Dec, 2012).  I'm still here. :)


The US Dept of Health & Human Services says men are 24% less likely than women are to see a doctor. Score one point for the ladies.

 Avoiding doctors will hurt your health today and in the future. 


What's your biggest  medical phobia?  Mine is needles(1).

Health Valley Gluten-Free Cafe Chicken Noodle Soup

18 January 2013 - 04:48 PM

My 1st impression: Great, labeled as Certified gluten-free. Yes-less than 10 ppm gluten.
My 2nd impression: Bad: Chicken chunks tasted strange.

Buy a can and see what you taste. Maybe my taste buds are going bad. Can gluten do that?

Surgical Pathology Report- Pd Mimics celiac disease

12 January 2013 - 03:08 PM

The results of biopsies (Dec,2012) follows:

The small intestines: No evidence of celiac disease in the 3rd and 4th part. However, at the 1st part(duodenum), showed mildly chronic peptic duodenitis, associated with villous architectural damage. The villi were widened/blunted. Negitive for H.pyloric. So stated, PD mimics celiac disease villous abnormalities.

The stomach: Antral mucosa w/mild chronic gastritis. Negitive H.pyloric.

The esophagus: mild mucosal inflammation due to acid reflux. I over indulged in chocolate and balsam vineagrette recently. :angry:

My last endoscopy was Sept, 2007. Similar results(AR/GERD). My GI Doc is pleased with stability of GFD. :) Next endoscopy: 2017.

For GI discomfort, 40mg Omeprazole/1 daily was Rx'ed. Feeling better already.

Make progress, become well and stay well.

Celiac Vaccine? Not For Me

30 December 2012 - 06:55 AM

Reference: Celiac Vaccine? Not for Me
Allergic Living, Winter 2013, p. 61
by Shauna J. Ahern

Abstract: "Coming soon! A vaccine for celiac!"
"Researchers in the US, Austrailia, and New Zealand working hard to bring this celiac vaccine to market."
" According to the reports about it, the vaccine is meant to reprogram the immune system,
changing the intestines and the antibodies released by the body of a celiac so that person can tolerate

I'm 67, and been at this gluten-free adventure for 30 years. I'm tired. I would try a vaccine. I would risk my health to help the younger folks amoung us to further our cause to find some relief. Would you?

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