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Member Since 27 Dec 2012
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In Topic: Legumes?

29 December 2012 - 04:35 PM

Jerseygirl...I have been on the same dose of klonopin for a year. At first it made me tired but not anymore so I know it's not my klonopin. And it happens about 30 min after I eat my hummus

In Topic: Legumes?

27 December 2012 - 02:31 PM

I don't eat any grains - rice passed my eliminaiton/challenge diet, but I had to remove later. It will be the first grain I reintroduce after another six months or so.

If you don't do potato -- is it because it is a nightshade or you just don't like them? Sweet potato and yams are not nightshade. I also eat quite a bit of squash -- I cook a spaghetti squash every couple days to keep "noodles" ready to add to meat and vegies for quick meals. I love butternut squash fries -- and recently got a julienne mandolin to cut zucchini into angel hair like "noodles"

I don't do potatoes because I read somewhere people with a lot of intolerances react to them quite often. I know I am being overly cautious but I just came out of two years of the darkest point in my life and never want to go back. So sweet potatoes and yams aren't in that same class as say a normal red skin potato?


I would just like to thank everyone so much for all this info. It means the world to be truly. I am
Having a hard time.

In Topic: Legumes?

27 December 2012 - 01:45 PM

Does anyone here react to rices?

In Topic: Legumes?

27 December 2012 - 01:08 PM

Hi Josh-

I am intolerant of many foods - most of which are high in lectins as Mushroom mentioned. The theory is once the damage caused by celiac disease heals/repairs itself I will be able to tolerate many of the foods that I am intolerant of.

All legumes make me tired - peas are like sleeping pills for me, peanuts make me tired and extremely emotional, soy makes me tired and angry -

How about trying a fruit smoothie if you arent a fan of many fruits - my son loves them with al different fruits and even greens - but will only eat green apples or grapes normally.

Can you eat almonds? I grind almonds with basil or cilantro - and a little garlic & plive or coconut oil -- makes a great replacement for hummus and easy to make in the blender.

It's funny because after I cut out peas from my diet, I felt a lot better. I am intolerant to soy. Intolerant to corn. I guess other legumes wouldn't surprise me. That being such a staple food. What can I replace it with...I don't do almonds. I can't do potatoes. Veggies and fruits all day sometimes make me edgy because of all the sugar. It's so frustrating. I'm so new to this and have come such a long way by finding out all these intolerances after 4 or 5 doctors all told me I was wrong. They all believe me now and get their mental health patients checked before even prescribing now. I am 20 years old and still pretty new to all of this. Hell, to think if I never have found all this out alone and requested those tests, I would still be on bed.

In Topic: Legumes?

27 December 2012 - 12:37 PM

I am just trying to find a diet that works for me and it's been so hard. Ever since hummus has been making me so tired lately (its also a good food to eat when I am out and about because everywhere sells it) I am kind of worried.

Lately my diet has been:

Hummus, vegetables, bananas(only fruit I really like), and chicken(some nights)

Coconut water

It is a very boring diet but it beats the alternative of being stuck in my bed, I am just trying to find a way to expand it without any kind of problems. I know I am overly cautious and I know I am not getting my calorie intake daily.

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