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In Topic: Confusing Diagnosis

15 January 2013 - 02:54 PM


I went to a rhuematologist who ran a million tests. The only thing he found out of whack (besides my chronic neutropenia) was Vitamin D at level 25. As of Jan. 1, I decided to try going 100% gluten-free and lo and behold - I have ZERO GI problems. So whether or not my biopsy was conclusive or not, going gluten-free helps me a great deal. With the high likelihood genetically and the clearing of symptoms with no gluten, I am ready to diagnose myself as Celiac or non Celiac with gluten intolerance. Either way, gluten is not good for me so I am done with it.

In Topic: Confusing Diagnosis

04 January 2013 - 01:08 PM

Give me more information on....
the eosinophil count
any other notations on the condition of esophagus, small intestine, and top of stomach
Lab notations on # of biopsies, with results
the time of year symptoms become worse
time of year the indoscopies were preformed (did symptoms increase late summer early fall, when was the endoscopy preformed ~before or after a frost freeze?)
have you been keeping a food journal?

Hi there - I just picked up a copy of my results from my GI. Here they are:
Genetic test from Prometheus Lab:
Celiac Genes Detected:
Genotype: DQ2/other high risk gene
Increased Risk: 16X
Relative Risk: VERY HIGH

The duodenum was examined, and, while normal in appearance in many ways and while there appeared to be a villous pattern, there was a mildly gray discoloration to the mucosa because of a patchy white punctate appearance, as well as mild granular appearance.

Assessment and Recommendations:
The pateint has no marked abnormalities but there is a mild granular appearance to the duodenum. She has a history of chronic diarrhea that is unexplained, as well as neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. Autoimmune processes have been considered as a possibility of a hematological issue. She has had an extensive workup for the diarrhea with no diagnosis forthcoming.

- No villous abnormality
-No enteritis/granulomas/microorganisms
-Morphologically normal

Microscopic exam:
1. Tissue includes through a layer of muscularis mucosae and nodules of submucosal Brunner glands and several oriented tall thin villi are represented. No increase in crypt regions or stromal mononuclear cells, no nuetrophils, and no granulomas. Columnar absorptive entercytes without inflammation and no surface organisms. Good quality biopsies and within normal limits, Six levels.

Gross Description:
1. Designated "duodenum" are FOUR tan tissue fragments ranging from 0.2x0.2x.15 cm to .35 x0.2 x0.2.

My GI wants to wait for my rheumatologist work up. Meanwhile, I went gluten-free anyway and have had NO diarreha. In general, I don't wat a lot of gluten since it makes me sick but now I am trying to be very mindful of where it lurks.

As far as the time of year - the endo was just performed. I live in LA so no frost freezes here. I was not keeping a food journal. My GI ruled out EE.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

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