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Confusing Diagnosis

27 December 2012 - 11:07 PM

Hello -

I have tested positive for the Celiac gene. I have a laundry list of Celiac symptoms including chronic D, stomach pain, bloating, joint pain, neutropenia, psoriasis, sporadic cracks on the sides of my mouth, sporadic canker sores, tingling feet and hands etc etc. If I eat gluten, I feel absolutely awful immediately. Hands swell, fecal incontinence the next day, stomach pain, swollen hands, itchy skin and eyes etc. In 2004 I tested negative for Celiac on the non-genetic test and was told I have IBS. This month, I demanded the genetic test due to increased symptoms (and more research on my part). Between the negative non genetic test and the positive genetic test, I gave birth to three children and have experienced more than usual stress. My doctors (a hematologist for neutropenia, regular MD and GI all decided I needed an endoscopy to confirm the suspected Celiac. BTW - this would be my third endoscopy. I had two others in 2010 for an emergency food impaction and a retest because of raised eosinophils (that turned out negative upon second exam). I just recieved the results - NEGATIVE for Celiac. No real villi damage. My doctor said my villi looked "sandy" but not flat. I do not have anemia (just neutropenic and also low platelets) or low B12 so I am clearly able to absorb nutrients.

I am SO confused. I suppose the answer is to just go gluten-free? Possibly just latent Celiac? But what about all the zillion symptoms? Anyone have any advice?

Many thanks in advance!

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