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12 January 2013 - 10:17 AM

I was just diagnosed with ciliac and also been diagnosed with acid reflux several years ago and have always taken omeprazole 20 mg capsules manufactured currently by Sandoz, which is a script. I have tired to search to find out if it is gluten free to no avail. Does anybody you know if it is gluten free? If not any substitutes? I need help ASAP as my reflux is starting to come back again. I have been glutin free 3 days now and acid reflux is starting to come back....Many thanks! :(

Hello--New & Scared

29 December 2012 - 09:54 PM

Hi! I am very new to the celiac world last week had blood test and my GI doc told me it was positive for celiac disease.My tTG was 100, I am having an endiscopy on Jan 10. Will the doctor be able to tell me right away or will I have to wait again for results? I plan to go gluten free on Jan 10. :( I was diagnosed 15-20 years ago had extremely bad runs and lost about 30 pounds that lasted for several months. After going to several GI's last one told me back then I had ciliac disease-- (don't remember what was done) but the next day the runs stopped and never started again--so I continued to eat everything & anything. This past year, I developed an annoying itch, blood test from dermatologist found elevated platelets 575 at highest. Went to hematologist/oncologist and platelet levels had dropped to 435 by then,(stop craving pretzels) but he ordered all the cancer tests-- and came back negative. :)) He took platlets again and dropped couple more points. Reading something about thrombosytis (sp) and it mentioned celiac disease and jogged my memory. This past year I also suddenly developed a severe craving for honey wheat pretzels and consumed half bag a night for quite awhile--that is when itching in hair and face usually sometimes all over) increased---then the craving just stopped. No blisters or rash on skin, but have had lots of canker soars especially over the past few years, also tingling in my legs I thought was Restless Legs.Took Hylands Restful Legs and then it went away when taken. I don't know which way to turn, have started buying gluten free foods in Whole Foods, but WOW, really expensive!! I don't like to bake so that's out. I really don't like to cook much either. Hubby does most of the cooking, he's Italian so we eat lots of pasta. Now I hear about cross-contamination and am really worried to let him do the cooking as he might forget. I read the Newbie 101 and had good info, but am feeling over come by all of this on what to eat and not eat--pluse the expense worries me too--we live on a fixed income.Nobody told me at the dr's office about how you have to eat gluten till they do the biopsy so ran out right after appointment and got gluten free stuff--thank heavens I read you have to eat normally BEFORE the endiscopy for it to be accurate. Everyone keeps telling me how great I am going to feel, but I feel good now, minus the annoying itch and canker soars.
Please help can anybody give me some pointers I am feeling soooo alone...Thanks for letting me vent.....

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