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In Topic: Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

22 September 2013 - 09:03 AM

I had the yellowing of the skin just before I eliminated a lot of foods from my diet. My skin "pinked" up four months into my elimination diet, a slack elimination diet at that. I also get the same rosacea that surrounds my eyes when I break too far from my diet which rarely happens now as I learn my body and my intolerances. For cleansing my skin I use Dr. Bronner's soap, with a layer of coconut oil and then I put Penaten (yes, diaper cream) on my spots or redness and I am good to start the day - until I have something that may set it off - certain alcohol, dairy, peas. I don't have any gluten so I know it isn't that but other triggers. There are times I have a hard time having a perfectly clean diet but when the "rash" spreads near my eyes I just jump back in and it clears within four days.

I didn't take the prescription my doctor gave me either. I just dug deeper and tested more foods. I am tired of taking so many medications.


thats really interesting. i wouldnt say my skin was yellow ,just a slight light tan. its odd coz sometimes i think it looks darker, then others times lighter. i was thinking that its my eyes and im not focusing properly. ive got an appointment next week though so i should get some answers.i think my triggers are tomato,s and chocolate. both things i shouldnt really be eating. tomato,s (nightshades) chocolate (dairy) really need to do an elimination diet because im just not getting anywhere at the moment.

In Topic: Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

22 September 2013 - 08:49 AM

Careful!  I have rosacea -- which is only triggered by certain foods.  When I was first diagnosed some 20 years ago, the dermatologist prescribed antibiotics which I took for two years and it made me very sick!  I developed all these food allergies, lost lots of weight (am little to start with), folks thought I had cancer.  So, the antibiotics might help for a few weeks, but it will come right back until you identify those foods or allergies.  It's also a genetic thing too.  


I also have ocular rosacea.  I wasn't able to wear my old hard lenses.  They kept being pulled up by these tiny bumps on my eye lids.  The day the dermatologist diagnosed me, my cousin who was an optometrist in another state called and told me that by my description, he thought I had ocular rosacea.  Both he and and ophthalmologist confirmed in person later.  


Seriously, my face is triggered by foods.  Drink wine, face breaks out.  I have some reddening and swelling  but mostly little tiny pustules -- not pimples . that appear.  Of course the bumps can be seen on the edges of my eyelids.  


My complexion now is clear.  I get complements all the time and I don't need to wear foundation.  


thanks for answering. do you know what foods triggered your rash? are certain foods a trigger or is it different foods for different people? i think tomato,s and chocolate affect me especially my eyes - they go really bloodshot. 

im not happy about taking medication because i was thinking of trying an elimination diet an im not sure if it will affect it.

In Topic: Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

20 September 2013 - 02:08 PM

well update on my derm appointment,


face rash is rosacea, palm rash is pompholyx eczema, weird knuckle growth is benign knuckle pads-nothing you can do about it. the "tan" thing he,s going to check again when i go back in 8 weeks


and when i asked if the rosacea can affect your eyes ( coz ive got an appointment next week)he basically said no.

so why can you google ocular rosacea then!!!!!

anyway got some antibiotics, a gel for face, steroid cream for hands (like i havent had them before) and some baby wash to use instead of soap.

so i,ll give it all a  go. whats a few more weeks??? :blink:

In Topic: Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

16 September 2013 - 06:26 AM

Hmmm what do you mean didn't quite add up? We are all pullin for ya sweetie!! Hoping for all the best ever!! :) Huggzz!! 



looked at symptoms , id say 80% were right but its the skin colouration im not sure about. it says you get patches of darkened skin and its most noticable in the creases - like on your palms, knuckles,knees. theres nothing like that at all. anyway ive got my fingers crossed for friday :)

In Topic: Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

15 September 2013 - 11:32 AM

got derm appointment on fri so hopefully i,ll get some answers about it then. not sure about the addisons didnt quite add up.

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