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Member Since 31 Dec 2012
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Topics I've Started

Ive Developed A Lovely "light Golden Tan" To My Skin. Whats Happening?

10 September 2013 - 04:59 AM



this has been happening for quite a while now,but sometimes im not sure and i think im just imagining it.


so some background- i absolutely hate the sun, if its sunny im usually in the house. i would never willingly go out in it unless absolutely necessary. the sun feels like its burning my skin and hurts my eyes.it makes me feel physically sick. friends joke that im half vampire!! -   my skin colour is naturally pale. but im sat here typing while admiring my light golden tan. the problem is its making me look really healthy and friends and family cant see what im going on about.

ive googled it but can only find things about how to lighten your skin or how to use false tan.


has anyone else experienced this. its all over as well- not in patches, although my legs are paler than the rest of my body- but they never saw the light of day anyway!


not sure what to think of this- is i a gluten problem, deficiency problem, malabsorption?  anyone got any ideas


Anyone Having Problems At Work?

27 August 2013 - 01:39 PM



didnt know where to put this thread- so hope its in the right one!.


im having big problems at work. disciplinary,s because im not " performing"


the thing is out of all the testing ive had done everything has been negative. not celiac, no allergies, no lupus. im at the end of my tether , what can i say to that?. ive got no comeback as to why i cant think straight and my heads in a mess.


the only thing thats been found is vitamin b12 deficiency - level was 138. im stressed out enough without all this added stress.


has anyone else had this problem, if so how have you dealt with it?




Got Results Back Its Not Lupus

06 August 2013 - 11:29 AM

so once again i get a negative result!!!


not sure how long i can cope with all this .im so fed up at the moment. i dont have lupus but my blood sugar is a tiny bit high ( the nurse said its hardly worth commenting on)- but they are gonna do a diabetes test anyway. my b 12 is low so ive got some tablets to take. when the doc was looking at the computer i was having a sneaky read - my b12 was 138!! i thought that was really low- so now im taking tablets for 3 months with no way of knowing if they are being absorbed or not.

she has said that shes refered me to a dermatologist for the rashes which is good- hopefully i,ll get some answers from them.

i did think i saw a few abnormals on the test results when i was having a sneaky peek so im gonna ring up tomorrow and ask for copies and copies of the last one that had the celiac tests on. that should be interesting to see exactly which tests they did.


so ive had my moan lol. hope i get some answers soon..



Doctor Is Suggesting Lupus ?

22 July 2013 - 12:48 PM

is there anyone on here that knows anything about lupus?


is there some kind of connection with celiac/ncgi?


ive googled it  and it does seem to cover many of my symptoms including the face rash.just gotta wait for the blood test results now

its odd but im so hoping its positive-coz then at least i,ll have some sort of answer and can start to sort myself out

Anybody Made Themselves Like A Food And Now Its " I Knew It Didnt Agree With Me?

01 July 2013 - 11:44 AM

hi sorry about the title, i wasnt sure how to explain it lol.


so i was thinking the other night about food,the problems in having with it and foods that i wouldnt eat as a child and now do. 


ive never liked fruit at all, if i did eat any it was a apple or pear.all low in histamines.disliked any dried fruit like raisins


veg- would only eat peas and beans. didnt like carrots,broccoli,cauli


hated tomatoes,fish and not too keen on meat-which is why i became a veggie aged 20.could not get myself to like quorn even though i forced myself to eat it-coz its protein.


not a lover of chocolate although i did eat it.


we were a very bland food family, meat ,potato,s and veg.or no spicy or "fancy" food.i was at college the first time i ate a curry or pizza- god knows when i first ate pasta!!


only ate mild cheddar cheese. hated all smelly cheeses, yogurt,cream and not too keen on milk and eggs.


didnt like anything ginger,cinnamon,aniseed,nutmeg flavoured. its only since i went to college( i know its abt 20 years since then lol) that ive introduced new foods. nearly all seem to be on the high histamine list - herbs spices, olive oil, olives,balsamic vinegar,spinach,aubergine,pumpkin, squash, soya, prepared salad, fruits and nuts.

all these foods are considered normal everyday foods now but it just seems like the more ive tried to be healthy the more problems ive acquired .


anyone got any more "lightbulb"  moments concerning foods.



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