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Member Since 01 Jan 2013
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In Topic: Celiac Or Milk Allergy Having Hard Time Telling

12 January 2013 - 06:11 AM

What happens us ill drink a coffee with cream then ill get that caffiene rush.hours later sometime the next day ill get the sour milk taste I'm my mouth,tense muscles ,gassy, lethargic

In Topic: Just Got Back From A Doctor Who Knew!

11 January 2013 - 05:40 AM

It had been almost two weeks since I ate gluten he didn't want to waste my money on a test,he gave me two options 1: go eat gluten for at least two weeks snd come back to test or try gluten diet .He also said my symptoms match up to s milk allergy as well (not intolrence,but allergy).Im not sure which is worse celiac or milk allergy? I had a gluten intolrencr test done this summer but it came back neg (not celiac test).And I was eating gluten everyday before that test. He did do thyroid test ,cortisol test,vitamin deficiency test on Wednesday and iron test, so I'm waiting for those results

In Topic: Just Got Back From A Doctor Who Knew!

09 January 2013 - 12:28 PM

He did that today all b12 ,zinc iron magnesium etc although I already heavily boost myself daily I'm curious to see the results

In Topic: Quick Question On Chest Pain, Heart Beat

07 January 2013 - 05:27 PM

Check this out, I had stopped eating soy before Xmas ( in nov),because my tests showed I'm allergic.Thus meant almost all breads ,and similar products to gluten.Anyways Xmas comes around and I ate a few donuts,cinnamon roles,cake.Like the next day my body started shutting down.Muscle tension neck,shoulders,back and irregular heart beat,shortness of breath,cold hands and feet ,super tired,sinuses flared up.I cut out all gluten its been 6days and my shortness of breath has subsided,my heartbeat has leveled off, and all my muscle tension has let up but in exchange I have pain everywhere where I was tense.Kinda like good pain like the muscles have a good hurting feeling like their glad the tension is released snd seems their healing now.I still tired but a better tired like when I sleep it makes a difference instead of that waking up with s nervous feeling.And my hand and feet are warm today snd it was -22 in Montreal today go figure.Im going to doc Wednesday and I'm going to have my thyroid checked but regardless I'm sticking with this gluten free diet another month see where it takes me

In Topic: Muscle Tension A Frequent Celiac Problem Or Rare?

05 January 2013 - 07:13 AM

Great info for me,thank you very much for the responses this gives me hope

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