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In Topic: Failed With Protein Supplements

08 January 2013 - 06:30 PM

I was training for an ultramarathon when I got diagnosed. I lost about 8 Lbs (I think all muscle) and am not just slightly underweight (18.5 BMI). My personal decision is to wait until 2 months gluten-free and then to maintain a healthy weight for at least two weeks before I start training again. I'm just ending the 2-month period, so it's all about gaining a few more pounds for me, which is crazy hard. Then I'll ramp up really slowly. On the sport board, some people recommend waiting even longer after going gluten-free before undertaking any serious exercise.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. Although I totally get the folks who don't wait -- so frustrating not to be running right now. I just ordered my favorite gluten-free running fuel, just to make myself feel better and have it ready in case I manage to gain the weight soon.

By the way, have you tried rice protein? I eat Zing bars, and that's what they have. I can't seem to do almost any foods, but the rice protein in Zing bars seems just fine.

Hey Chaff, I used to run 5k 3x per week before I started going down. Now I'm not too interested in running but lifting weights as I want to gain weight; however, like you, I noticed my muscles getting weaker and recovery taking longer before I stoped. When I picked up lifting I would actually loose weight despite eating like a horse. This was before going gluten-free a month ago, I feel myself improving.
I dont react to rice maybe I'll give it a try later, thanks.

In Topic: Failed With Protein Supplements

08 January 2013 - 08:07 AM

I am an athlete with a very sensitive gleuten intolerance. the onlly protien suplement I have found to not give me problems is "fast digesting ISO-Z5" isolate protien. if taken with H2O there is only 140 cal. I take mine with milk and I double the recomended dose. recomended dose is 2 scoops per day. I take 2 scoops in am and 2 in pm. vit B-12, and a multi. they sem to be working pretty good as I have been doing thisfor one month now. BUT I follow a very strict gleuten free soy free diet and very sparing in the carb and casin dept.

When I say athlete I mean I am 43 yo. I have lived with this for about 1.5 years and am currently on a pretty heavy work out plan. I do a 5k brisk on monday, a 10k on wednesday, light (not lazy) 5k thursday, all those in A.M. In PM I work out monday thru thursday lifting. then I do a long run of 10 to 15 miles every saterday. I am not boasting I am just stating that you can do what I am if you maintain your discipline and not give up, but it will take time and set backs but you are worth the effort.

Hey Robert, can't do whey protein either not soy, intolerant to that too. I'll work on my profile next time I post, but it's up lifting to see all you can do, can't wait...

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