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In Topic: 18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

16 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

I just wanted to say hang in there. And, keep insisting on testing until you figure out the problem. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac at 2.5. She had been sick her entire life - vomiting blood, low weight gain, failure to thrive, reflux... on Prevacid and every time we tried to wean her off of it, she would start vomiting within two weeks. I fired one GI doc who said she was normal and went looking for the best I could find within an hour's drive. Even at that, she had been scoped twice and had various other tests with no diagnosis. We were at our wit's end... we KNEW that this was not "normal" so I kept pushing. Finally, on her third scope, she came up with Celiac. She had been gluten-free for only a week when she said "mommy, my tummy not hurt anymore" It broke my heart. Poor little girl didn't know life without pain. I knew we had our answer. Took her off Prevacid, weight gain was back on the charts, no more vomiting (even when she gets a bug, it's minimal now). Her Celiac panels are all normal now and we are down to once a year at the GI. I don't know if that is your daughter's issue or not, but my story is simply to say - keep looking. It took me two and a half years of insisting something wasn't right, but it was so worth it to have our answer and have our daughter healthy.

In Topic: High Iga After Going gluten-free?

11 April 2013 - 10:15 AM

I honestly don't remember the exact test. It was a quick look at it at the GI's office yesterday. I was going to call and have them send me the labs so I can be more specific. I guess I was concerned about other issues - not so much Celiac-related, but maybe other allergies or something? It was just strange to me that it changed. My 4 yo daughter (the first diagnosed with Celiac) has completely normal labs. Everything was high on diagnosis and everything is normal now - the response we'd expect, so when his came back different, it threw me.

In Topic: Anyone Know Of Any Good Cookies?

02 January 2013 - 06:49 PM

Enjoy Life cookies. they are GREAT! No sandwich cookies but really GOOD cookies. They are free of:
gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, casein, potato, sesame & sulfites. We love all of their crunchy ones & they make a soft one that is double chocolate brownie or something like that & it is much like a brownie. Hubs puts warm cherry pie filling on top of it & it's YUM! Certified gluten-free.

We just happened to have some of the Enjoy Life soft baked snickerdoodle cookies tonight. My mother in law brought them for the kids over the holidays; we'd never had them before. Yum! I thought they were really good.

In Topic: Delimex Taquitos Are No Longer gluten-free

02 January 2013 - 01:54 PM

As was noted, nothing may have changed other than the lawyer's risk assessment.
If you are particularly sensitive to shared lines, certainly be cautious. But realize that they may also still be perfectly safe.

My DS7 is really sensitive to cc (we can't do Amy's products anymore - he kept getting sick). I was wondering if this might be it, but they sometimes change ingredients before they change packaging, so I guess I'll have to wait and see. We may risk it again if I start seeing everyone say they're doing ok with them still in a few months.

In Topic: So Delicious Products

02 January 2013 - 01:49 PM

I'm dairy free and I love, love, love their chocolate coconut milk ice cream. I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out. And, yes, I sometimes pay $6 for the little tiny one, but it's oh so worth it. I won't buy anything else. My favorite milk alternative to drink is the silk dark chocolate almond milk (do you see a theme here? yes, I like my chocolate!).

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