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Member Since 02 Jan 2013
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Could I Have A Gluten Intolerance?

02 January 2013 - 01:58 PM

I'm new to the forum so hello to everyone.

I'm here because I'd like to ask your opinion on this: there are some problems I've had through my whole life. I always thought they were independent and unrelated, but I've been doing some research and I think it's possible that a gluten intolerance can explain all the things that happen to me. I'll just give you a list.

- I'm thin, but I've always had a bloated stomach, making me look 2-3 months pregnant. I'm very embarrassed about this. I always thought it was fat but it isn't, it's just a bloating that won't go away.
- I think I don't absorb nutrients properly. My nails have always been flaky and my hair brittle. That never happened to my mum at sister, who ate the very same things I did for many years, so the problem is mine.
- I am very addicted to sugar and carbs. I can't have just one piece of chocolate, that makes me very, very anxious. I'm very serious about this. I have a very strong reaction to sugar.
- I have a social phobia. Some people intimidate me and socializing makes me very anxious. I always think I come across as stupid. I always feel a mix of fear and anxiety when I have to go to social gatherings, and I don't enjoy them.
- I don't think I'm dumb, but I'm pretty sure I have some kind of deficit of attention. I get distracted very easily, my mind is constantly plagued by thoughts, I take a lot of time to do simple things like reading a book, etc. It's very hard for me to focus on one thing and keep my attention there. I think this has gotten worse as I've gotten older.
- I'm very obsessive. Some of my behaviour borders OCD. When I was a kid I even did weird things like licking my hands whenever they got in touch with anything, and things the like. I have more examples, but you get the gist.
- I suffer from depression. Maybe not severe depression but I definitely have to fight negative feelings on a daily basis. I have a low self-esteem and very frequently experience feelings of hopelessness, like I'm not worth anything and I have no remedy.
- In general I'm a very anxious person.

Could all of this be related to my diet? I've read that people suffering from these symptoms improved to some extent after going gluten-free, and after giving it serious thought I think that the source of at least some of my problems must be dietary. Why would I be constantly bloated, then?

I don't think I am a celiac because I don't suffer from abdominal pains or digestive problems, but that doesn't mean that gluten is not the cause of my problems. I'd do a test to find if I have an intolerance to something, but I'm very afraid of blood works, needles and medical tests in general, so I'm thinking about trying the gluten-free diet on my own for some time I see if I notice an improvement. After all, it can't kill me to try a gluten-free diet, can it?

Do you think that gluten may be what's causing me all these problems? The bloating in particular makes me think so.

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