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Dining Out Success!

16 July 2013 - 08:31 PM

Our whole family has been traveling for the last week, and we brought most of the food with us and prepared more on the road. Even so, we found three occasions where we risked dining out, and they all worked out okay. It's the little things that get you all excited after living such a restricted lifestyle, but lemme tell you what we found.


1) A non-chain pizza place - VIP Pizza - at the Hammerhead Marina - Grand Lakes area of Oklahoma. Went in for the restroom, glanced at the menu, nothing gluten free, so I asked the manager if they had any gluten-free options. He told me that his friend has celiac and helped him develop a procedure and that they do a totally safe gluten free pizza that has never made his friend sick. I was so shocked! We came back that evening -- all 16 of us -- and at the pizza. Success! The pizza was wonderful and so were the staff members. I nearly cried I was so happy.


2) Red Robin cheeseburger and fries. Normal have kid food for a change. Love that they have an "allergen" fryer that never gets used except upon request for gluten free or whatever allergen. They have great procedures in place and my daughter has maybe never enjoyed a burger and fries that much before.  We live in a very rural area, so this was exciting for us, lol.


3) Chick-fil-a -- Can't say enough great things about the service, attention to detail, lengths they went to to reassure us that they would handle everything properly. Daughter got a regular grilled nugget kids meal with fruit and waffle fries.


I know that all of these are "junk food", but it's so nice to have some options! I've been hesitant to try restaurants, but our experiences over the last week have been wonderful. Just wanted to share!

Mental Health?

17 June 2013 - 02:01 PM

I need advice, recommendations, or anything at this point. My 9 year old celiac daughter (diagnosed 6 months ago) has been feeling much better on her gluten free diet. We are trying very hard and still learning about cross contamination and healthy options. But, she has become very clingy over the last year and is slowly becoming reclusive. She has withdrawn from all activities, refuses to go to friends' parties, has quit sports that I know she enjoys and is good at. She basically wants to do whatever I'm doing all the time and is perfectly content to sit quietly at my office for hours if I'm busy. I have no idea how to handle her. Should I push her into the sports that she is good at and used to enjoy? Should I make her go play at a friend's house? I really can't make her do anything because she cries and refuses. I would love for her to go to celiac camp, but she wont even go five minutes away if im not there. She is turning me into a 'hovering parent' and i really dont want to be one. She is very smart, but non verbal for days sometimes. I'm frustrated, tired, and feel like my child probably has mental health issues that I don't know how to deal with. At times she is charming, funny, and 'normal' and at other times I feel like I'm living with a reclusive, manipulative preschooler.

Tasterie Boxes

24 April 2013 - 06:10 AM

Has anyone tried the Tasterie boxes? https://www.tasterie.com/shop/

You subscribe and get a box each month that contains foods carefully screened for whichever allergens you specify. You can choose Top 8 allergens, dairy, dairy & egg, dairy & soy, egg, gluten / wheat, gluten / wheat / dairy, gluten / wheat / vegan, nut, soy, vegan, or just "healthy" boxes. It's $18 a month for the 'snack' box and $25 a month for the signature box.


Here's their allergen statement: Allergen Screening
We follow a rigorous multistep verification process to verify each product and vendor that includes, but is not limited to, vetting of manufacturers to check for allergen free raw materials, manufacturing processes, facility overlaps, supplier analysis, & allergen testing protocols. Our Nut Allergy and Top 8 Allergy TasterieBoxes only use products reported by the manufacturer to be made in nut-free facilities, but these facilities may also process coconut. None of our Nut Allergy and Top 8 Allergy TasterieBoxes contain coconut as a listed ingredient. We want you to feel safe and comfortable, while enjoying delicious new tastes in the comfort of your home, office or on the road. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tasterie.com.


I'm thinking that it would be worth it to get a little surprise box that you know is safe each month, but I wanted to hear from anyone who has tried it!


*Found on the Udi's facebook page - with a 50% off code for first box: https://sphotos-b.xx...035095181_n.jpg

gluten-free Funny Distraction

20 February 2013 - 08:47 AM



You've probably all seen this, but I just found it today and it's cracking me up.

Supplements To Help Heal A Damaged Leaky Gut?

14 January 2013 - 07:16 AM

My daughter, diagnosed celiac in November, so gluten free nearly two months now, is having a hard time no matter what she eats. She has a tremendous amount of damage - seen on her endoscopy / colonoscopy - and her GI told us that it will take 6 months to a year for her body to heal.

My question is what have are you taking to promote healing? I would like to add digestive enzymes, more probiotics (currently she eats yogurt and drinks kefir), and maybe Vitamin C in addition to the multivitamins she takes. What has worked for you? I can't stand watching her suffer after eating for a year! I know that we probably need to cut out the dairy, but she is very resistant to this. For those of you who have cut out milk, do you have an easier time with cheeses? I am open to suggestions and trying to learn -- all of this is still quite new to us.

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