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#880295 Celiac And Perimenopause

Posted by on 20 July 2013 - 12:14 AM

I don't know about the huge clots, I'm afraid.

DilettanteSteph thanks for the input about aurea migraines. I suffered from migraines as a teen and around my 20s but then they tapered off. This aura thing is totally new and came on AFTER I was off gluten. My gastro doctor declared they have nothing to do with each other. Maybe after going off gluten I've become much more sensitive and exposure triggered auras (but they tend to come every 7/10 days) For me, court is still open: hormones? celiac? hormones go crazy if ccd because of gluten? The only good thing is that I am not taking any drugs - apart from probiotics and homoepatic remedies. I have to say that this last month I've been OK - apart from a certain degree of leg itching - and that I ve not had an aura migraine in the last 20 days. But my last period came regularly at the right moment.


What I believe - but I have no proofs, and no doctor seems really interested - is that the two things are related: my hormones are playing up because of celiac. I may never know.


I can honestly say however that in the last seven months since going gluten-free I made progresses. Things are not perfect but in terms of energy, gastro problems, outlook on life generally I am much better. Then I get whacky weeks - and if I was ccd, I don't know when or how.

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#879343 Sun Sensitivity

Posted by on 13 July 2013 - 08:16 AM

You're making me think that my extreme sun sensitivity is not a matter of age but of depleted skin resources due to celiac disease... who knows! It would be a nice thing...

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#865355 Hormones, Specifically Menstruation

Posted by on 26 April 2013 - 12:19 AM

Very hot topic for me. I'm almost 5 months gluten-free at this point and my periods are totally out of whack. They started in November, my last month before diagnosis, with a couple of 14-day cycles and one episode of long spotting before the period. Then I went gluten-free after DX and it got back on track. Last month, though, I had a 35 day cycle and this month I'm at the 33rd day and still waiting. Now, I'm almost 48 yrs old and it might be ascribed to menopause and it's a possibility but I have no other symptoms (hot flashes etc) and most of all, my gyno told me a couple of months back that I am full of estrogenes. So what is going on? I just don't know... maybe menopause and gluten are interacting. Also, I'm having other celiac symptoms that I never had before (rashes etc)... nothing major but annoying.,,

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#860528 Some Good News

Posted by on 25 March 2013 - 02:04 PM

Thank you Mushroom. Very wise words:-)

I've been travelling for two days in France and I'll be travelling again in April for two weeks. This means bringing crackers and stuff to keep up... buying lots of apples... and basically, either choosing the restaurants, or if I cannot do that, eating at least something sure BEFORE I go to the restaurant where everybody else is meeting. I've found my friends most accomodating until now. But what I mean is, dt's easier to eat little... and say "no thanks, no dessert" or "water is fine, thanks" with a smile! It means I have to take responsability for what I eat: I mean - of course I do that, but even if my friends are generally accomodating I cannot expect ten people to eat where I want. So I'll eat before, bring along crackers and just have a salad at the table without making a big deal out of it and without expecting people necessarily to get worried about me. It's my problem, not theirs, so I have to get organized...

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#849507 Family Drama

Posted by on 21 January 2013 - 12:03 AM

My sister (who is a hypochondriac) has now decided that she too has Celiac. She refuses to get tested, complains all the time about how she feels, and asks me about my symptoms.

I have had to stop talking to her, because she doesn't get it. She thinks Celiac is something fun??!! She thinks she will get special attention if she has it??!!

I told her all the scary stuff my doctors shared with me. I told her it wasn't a game. She has pulled this prank before - when my mother had breast cancer and when my baby sister was in a near fatal accident.

It's more annoying than anything else. She thinks it is a game. I would NEVER wish Celiac on anyone!!

So frustrated!!!

tell her you won't talk to her again unless she get tested, and then really do it. It is a reasonable and strong lever point. She might really be celiac as well. On the other hand, there's no obligation to be nice to an annoying person just because she's a family member: steer clear...
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#847006 Food For 9 Day Bus Trip

Posted by on 05 January 2013 - 02:29 PM

Thank you for your help. I've lived on gluten-free bread and gluten-free yogurt for a period of time to feel better, I think I can do it again. It's a trip with my mom and the memories are so worth it.

I've been thinking on the same lines. I have decided that celiac disease is not going to change my life: if necessary I will fast rather than stop travelling. Rice and grilled meat or fish are normally safe, and if you can have boiled potatoes or roast potatoes provided that they have not been floured... Of course cross contamination is always a risk. However for a long trip with stops mostly at fast foods I would pack frozen gluten-free bread and rely on salads and grilled meat when you can find it. Also crackers. Can you have cheese? If yes, that is going to be a HUGE help. Moreover, a word to the wise: I am lactose intolerant but Parmesan cheese if more than 30 months old has no lactose. It's easy to find it in Italy, I guess it's going to be more difficult in the US, but if you can find it is a very good snack, especially with carrots or celery or apples or grapes.

Bottom line though, I do not think we should be stopped by celiac disease. I have been gluten-free since the beginning of December and have been two days in Naples (almost fasting), one week in the mountains (in a celiac disease friendly hotel) and two days in Amsterdam (tea and boiled egg for breakfast, boiled rice and plain meat at Thai and Tibetan restaurants, no soy sauce). I got glutened, as far as I can tell, only back in Rome at a friend's house...
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