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Glutening: Do Your Symptoms Vary?

05 April 2014 - 11:25 AM

Hi guys! I've been absent lately because... I felt much better all in all. I measure my health by the number of medical searches I do on Google and by the number of specialistic visits I book.

The question is: do your symptoms after a glutening vary?


I am not certain that I have been glutened. I was dx in December 2012 and all last year until August I've been feeling better and worse on and off, with periods of great distress and periods of feeling better. In fact, so oscillating my symptoms have been (including ocular migraines and worsening sight, dry eyes etc, yes I know about Sjogren) that I have thought I may have hormonal problems linked to perimenopause and I have actually booked a visit with a gyno/endocrinologist for next Friday.


But all in all, from August till December I have been feeling better. Over Christmas I was in Turkey and almost always slightly sick. And in the last couple of months I've been feeling increasingly worse- again day on, day off... and culminating this last three weeks with a bout of 24 hours D (I thought it was flu) and since last Monday with weird neurological symptoms I never had before: numbness on my left side and cold feelings irradiating from arm and leg (but no loss of sensibility thank God) and HORRIBLE anxiety close to panic attacks, convincing myself I 'm on the verge of dying, etc. You know the drill. I really freaked out. And for this last week my digestion hasn't been good either.


All this MIGHT be hormonal - we'll see - and it MIGHT be something else. Hormones, especially as related to my eyesight, are still worth investigating, but I'm thinking that I've been getting careless and eating outside very often, like four times a week or more, and often banking on the kitchen of wherever I am (friends or restaurant) being careful. Fact is, CC is always a possibility and I may have added SEVERAL instances of CC over time. But if this is the case, I do NOT follow always the same pattern after glutenings. Usually D is the first symptom, but anxiety and weird neuropathies two or three weeks after a D bout is a first for me, I think...


However: plan is, eating as carefully as possible for the next month. I still WILL have to eat out several times for work, or because I will be far from home, but... I'll try being extra extra careful.


Any consideration is welcome!


thank you



(I think anxiety is the most debiliting thing I ever felt, whether it's hormonal or celiac-linked)