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#949415 Talenti Gelato

Posted by on 27 July 2015 - 04:48 PM

I, too, have been gluten free for over ten years.  It's  easy and a non-concern for me today.  Most of you will also, feel the same, after some time. Talenti is a great company who will clearly list all the ingredient on their delicious products.  I can look at the name and make a choice and sometime, I am surprised with wheat as an ingredient....BUT it was listed.  I read the label.  And person with Celiac needs to read the labels, regardless of a "gluten free" stamp, in my opinion.  I relate this to when my husband asked me to look to the right, while HE is driving to see if it's clear for him to pull out.  I am super aware, and he should be more.  I need to know myself not depend on a "gluten free" stamp on a product.  I think these companies are doing the best they can do in a rapidly changing consumer market.  It's only gonna get better and better, but not if we are so specific demanding.  Corporations and product supplies are not in charge of our health.  WE ARE.


I think that Talenti is good at listing ingredients, but also know there may be a cross contact issue.  But, a non concern to me.   :)

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#936363 Sweet Baby Ray's Bbq Sauce

Posted by on 07 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

I can not use it.  Questionable ingredients include Caramel and Modified Food Starch which can vary in their source.....I have felt good for days until tonight.  The only new thing I used was Sweet Baby Rays.  =(

Deanna - I have used Sweet Baby Ray's for years.  I've been gluten free for almost ten years. Caramel color is no longer considerend  an issue and safe to consume. Modified food starch (unless it's emphasized or followed by "wheat", by law)  is generally corn.  All of Sweet Baby Ray's are gluten free. I do think they contain HFCS which does bother me  in other products. Gluten in SBR's is not one of my concerns.

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#878565 Abdominal Pain While/after Drinking Alcohol

Posted by on 07 July 2013 - 04:36 PM

Well....I would think, until your gut heals a bit, it would be wise to lay off the alcohol for a while.  Maybe in a month or so, you may be able to tolerate moderate amounts of gluten free alcohol.

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#878560 48 Hours Into gluten-free Life And Feeling Overwhelmed

Posted by on 07 July 2013 - 04:12 PM

Hey guys,  got the word on Friday that I am definitively celiac.  


Questions:  I've been seeing alot about the gluten "threshold" which makes me freak out, considering that from what I understand gluten free is supposed to mean GLUTEN FREE and my test came back very reactive.  I don't want to expose myself at all at the very beginning.


I'm going on 48 hours in and my stomach is already a little different.  Not as churny, not as gassy.  Is this normal, or should it take more time?


I feel stupid for asking these questions, but c'est la vie!  If you never ask, you never know, right?

Hello and Welcome!


There are no stupid questions here. :)


Begin your diet simply.  Shop on the outside of the grocery story and buy fresh veggies and fruits, meats, seafood, rice and potatoes, eggs.  Keep aways (for the time being) from any processed foods.  And avoid dairy products for a while. (Once you do some healing, they can be reintroduced)


Limit your spices to salt and pepper for several weeks.  And as you body does some healing, you can add other options into your diet.


Don't bother with gluten free breads or pasta.  You probably won't like them initially.


And regards to feeling better... it depends on your level of damage to you system.  For some it may take several days and for many others, it may take years.


If you take any medicine, call the manufacturer or check on line for their gluten (free) status.  Shampoos, could contain gluten and get into your mouth.  I generally use Suave or Dove.  Lipsticks?  I order online Red Apple Lipstick and some of Burt's Bee's glosses are gluten free.


Well...there is also a Newbie Thread, that I'm sure that someone will post for you.


It IS overwhelming.  But, rest assured, it will get better and soon you will be a pro!

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#877876 Gluten Free Epsom Salts?

Posted by on 02 July 2013 - 06:22 PM

Hi folks,


I'm preparing to do a liver flush, and it requires taking epsom salts orally. I've done several of these and it really made a huge difference to my health, but I'm having trouble finding gluten free epsom salts. Publix supermarket makes one, but we've checked all the stores around me and no one is carrying them. Does anyone know of other brands that are gluten free?


And this may be a weird question, but wouldn't we want our epsom salt to be gluten free even if using it in a bath?



What in the world  would make you do such a thing.


If you are having problems, PLEASE contact a doctor.

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#876395 Red Apple Lipstick

Posted by on 24 June 2013 - 05:09 PM

You never frown!


NO..haha....NO, CERTAINLY NOT ME. -_-





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#876389 Red Apple Lipstick

Posted by on 24 June 2013 - 04:52 PM

I can't remember the color, but I love the reds.  As my hair is graying, it gives me a pop to a smile (or frown, I presume).

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#876291 Red Apple Lipstick

Posted by on 24 June 2013 - 10:22 AM

I'm a huge Red Apple fan! Beautiful products and the owners really care about women health.

I agree.  I love the bright colors. :D

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#875874 Dunkin Donuts gluten-free?!

Posted by on 21 June 2013 - 02:39 PM

Awww....come on guys!  It's another attempt from an establish company to cater to those of us with dietary issues. I applaud them! 


Nothing is going to be suitable to everyone, but give them kudo's for the try.  And if Karen is correct, they will be pre packaged and individually wrapped. Really....what more could you ask for?


I have never been a fan of donuts, pre diagnosis (I think they smell funny - maybe the yeast :unsure: ), but having a quick option when traveling, would be wonderful.



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#874779 Celiac Vaccine? Not For Me

Posted by on 15 June 2013 - 03:12 PM

The study does state though that they have full remission of symptoms. So if they a very small amount of unrecovered physical scarring, which is basically what a single study is pointing to, then I don't see the problem. That is like saying that 90% of burn victims have scars. Well no shit Sherlock.


Another problem with any study of this nature is that the people doing the study do not have complete control of the diet and environment of the participants. This means that there is no way to know what "gluten free" means to each of them. For one it means a completely gluten free house and the strictest of standards eating out, or not eating out at all. For another (me), while I have the strictest of standards eating out, and in my home, I do not have the control I would like and have a shared home, many do. Many eat out frequently, eat things like Domino's pizza and a large amount of fast food and things with a "processed in a facility" warning. And many still are "take the bun off the burger" celiacs. There is simply no distinguishing between them in the study.

Good point.  In addition the "mean average of 16 months" cannot be conclusive that 92% of ALL people with Celiac do not heal....many take years to heal, but often times with great success.

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#874258 The Stuff Doctors Tell Their People...sad

Posted by on 12 June 2013 - 05:38 PM

Yep. I recently had a doctor tesll me celiac wasn't an autoimmune disease either, and then he gave me a pamphlet that discussed how eating papaya digestive aids would allow people to eat gluten again.... Uh huh. Riiiiiiight.  :blink:  :huh:  :rolleyes:

A family member doctor said they are pressured all the time to push pharm's (within the law).  Just as a tire store are solicited to sell the best tires from various tire manufactures. It's just business.


I should have married a doctor.....OH, what a goodie bag I would have.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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#874125 The Stuff Doctors Tell Their People...sad

Posted by on 12 June 2013 - 07:25 AM

This sounds like one of the new explanations about ncgi??? Have no idea if your friend went through traditional testing, but we read/hear explanations like this all the time on this board re: ncgi.

I do not know what test she has had and I will post them later if I find out.  But, as you all know Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease can rival each other in the level of severety of symptoms and damage.

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#874051 The Stuff Doctors Tell Their People...sad

Posted by on 11 June 2013 - 06:36 PM

What patients are told, still mystifies me.  This is from a friend....
"Lisa, you are in worse shape than me if you have Celiac. i was heading in that direction and my doc told me if I didn't get off gluten that would probably be my final outcome. Basically, I was having an auto immune reaction to gluten. When I ate it I hurt all over...like rheumatoid (sp) arthritis. Gut also messed up all the time. Anyway..I could go on and on. Feeling so much better though."
...stupid doctor!
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#873692 Mcdonalds

Posted by on 10 June 2013 - 11:24 AM

Note that is not a link to the official mcDonald's website. While the info may be good, it may not be up to date. I would always double check with McDonald's.

From their official website:



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#873619 Mcdonalds

Posted by on 10 June 2013 - 06:34 AM

When I went a McD's they told me the fries were not safe and they didn't know of anything safe so I asked if they had the salad pre-packed with nothing but the veggies in it, and was told yes. I had a plain salad and no dressing. :( Not much energy but it least it made it look like I was enjoying lunch with everyone.


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