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In Topic: Newly Diagnosed - Dizzy - 7

05 January 2013 - 10:09 PM

Welcome Rose74,

I am sorry you have suffured, but I am glad your on the trek to recover. I suffer very little dizziness, but I did have alot of brain fog and fatigue that was sort of like dizzy. I have done many things and have not had the problem since my last virus.


I have had plenty of brain fog and fatigue as well these last months. As soon as I have my first meal of the day I can't think as clearly - the dizziness and brain fog go hand in hand. I am sorry you have suffered as well!

In Topic: Newly Diagnosed - Dizzy - 7

05 January 2013 - 10:06 PM

For me, this is a sign of malabsorbtion, which I think it just a temporary thing (as in a few months to a few years) related to leaky gut. I was having reactions to all kinds of foods I had thought were safe, that I had eaten for years -- simple things like eggs, which I'm not at all allergic to. Turns out that leaky gut leads to some malabsorbtion that won't show up as an allergy, and not everyone has the same problems with the same foods.

Are you keeping a food diary? Try seeing if you can ID the foods that cause this. At first it may seem like everything does, but I isolated out five food initially that didn't, and then slowly kept trying to add in new ones and now I have just over a dozen I can eat without dizziness (I'm starting my second month gluten-free). I found some studies on PubMed that suggest your leaky gut will improve a little within two months, then will be even better in a year. It may take a lot longer to heal completely.

If you go to an MD, they can also test you further issues you may be having. It's normal for your system to be a little off right now, so you may want some bloodwork/stool testing done for things like H Pylori (which causes ulcers), vitamin/mineral deficiencies (anemia esp., given your dizziness), and a whole host of other things.

Hi Chaff - Thank you! I didn't know that the malabsorption could not show up as an allergy. That helps me look at it differently. I am on a rotation diet (trying at least) because the last food allergy testing I had showed that my mass consumption of rice over the last months ended up in my body creating higher levels of antibodies to rice than wheat! I am writing a food journal and I will try to take more note of which foods seem to cause the greatest dizziness. I did have bloodwork/stool testing done through these last months and I am grateful to say that my most recent bloodwork showed that my low magnesium and vitamin D levels actually went up into normal range. So it means I am absorbing something now which is beautiful to me! And H Pylori came back negative. I will check out the PubMed stuff on leaky gut you referenced - thank you!

In Topic: Newly Diagnosed - Dizzy - 7

05 January 2013 - 06:44 PM

Also, went through fasted glucose testing and multiple examinations of my low blood pressure (the sitting to standing tests) to see if that was causing the dizziness...none of it showed as the cause.

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