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In Topic: Terrible Symptoms After Flights Home

05 January 2013 - 07:30 PM

This is very interesting since I have experience similiar. When you fly, your body gets very dehydrated. I always purchase the largest water bottle offered at the gift shop right before getting on the plane and try to drink it ALL before I land. This way, I stay hydrated and I can be sure to flush myself out once I arrive (which can help with bloating). I also only bring certain snacks (a cut up fruit with some nuts, some turkey) to munch on if I feel like I need a little something.

Hope this helps!

In Topic: Anyone Else With Keratosis Pilaris?

05 January 2013 - 07:20 PM

hey guys i was just wondering, how long did it take before u noticed your keratosis pilaris had cleared up? i have it but i dont know if im gluten intolerant. im going to try a gluten free diet anyway just to see if it works but im wondering how long before i should expect (if any) improvements on the bumpy arms. please any info im desperate for these red bumps to go away!

also, does anyone know if peanut butter is gluten free? one of the ingredients im concerned about is partially hydrogenated veg oil. also, what about margarine? i keep reading different things about these foods! im new here so maybe theres a section about what foods are gluten free and which ones arent, perhaps someone can point the way?


I just started Gluten-Free for about a month (with some minor hiccups) and for a period of time my arms cleared up completely. Granted I was on vaca and I dont know if the sun/warm weather had something to do with it. However, these next couple weeks will tell.

On a stickier note (concerning the Peanut Butter) I have removed PB from my diet since starting gluten free. I did this because I was experiencing discomfort after eating it. The peanut is a legume which has "similar traits to grains in their make-up; they contain phytates which inhibit nutrient absorption and cause inflammation" - source: http://www.livingpal...the-paleo-diet/

Maybe you should try avoiding peanuts/PB for a couple of weeks to see if there is any difference :)