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In Topic: Dating Thoughts And Profile Help

29 June 2014 - 04:43 AM

so it ended up not working out with that guy due to major character flaws on his part, but from every experience we gain new insight  :) I haven't been posting a lot because instead of moping around like my pre-gluten-free self would have done, I decided to just get back out there.  


My go to date restaurant is Iron Hill Brewery.  They have been very accommodating in the past, so I keep going back.  If you're in the Philly/Delaware area, I highly recommend this local chain!  


Moment of realization...having celiac lines you up for a second date.  If the guy's enjoyed your company and then you tell him I can't let you kiss me because of what you ate, then it's, when can we go out again?  Oh the positives make life so much more enjoyable!  Out late last night with friends, so I see a nap in my future before I go on a third date tonight with the same guy  :)  


Dating with celiac can be a little more stressful, but with healing comes confidence, and with confidence comes enjoying life  :)

In Topic: Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

29 June 2014 - 04:12 AM

This pasta is awesome!!  I've never been a huge pasta fan, but thinking back, that's because it used to make me feel terrible and bloated after eating it.  Another warning sign I didn't realize at the time :)   They make elbow, penne, rotini and spaghetti shaped noodles, and they are delicious.  I highly recommend it!

In Topic: How To Approach Dating?

02 June 2014 - 02:43 AM

With the connection part, if it's meant to happen, it will!  I focused on the things I knew we had in common first.  


I did not eat out for a very long time, but the longer I've been gluten free the stronger and more confident I've become.  Call the restaurant ahead.  I usually call and ask first if they have a gluten free menu, and if that's a yes, then I ask if they take steps to prevent cross contamination.  


I'm a huge fan of saying I have to follow a medically necessary gluten-free diet when I go out to eat, and I say it in a pleasant, upbeat way with a smile across my face because nobody likes a diva :)   The word medically gets the server's attention.  If you don't have it already, download the Find Me Gluten-Free app.  The guy I'm seeing put it on his phone himself, and sometimes he eats the same as me, but it doesn't matter to me if he doesn't.  He wasn't weirded out when I told him he'd have to brush his teeth before kissing me.  There are understanding people.


You can do this!!



So I got confused for a second there...I thought I kept clicking the same link, then realized y'all both linked to the same thread. But anywho, there's some helpful information there, but even with the no gluten risk first dates, I'm still scared of the feeling a connection, then we go out to eat and I ask for the allergen or gluten-free menu, and get "the look". <----like that

In Topic: How To Approach Dating?

01 June 2014 - 04:02 PM

hi georgia_guy,


here's a thread I started awhile back that may be helpful: http://www.celiac.co...d-profile-help/


There are girls and guy out there who will understand, and see you who for you really are.  Remember you have celiac disease, but celiac doesn't define you  :)


PS-Here's a comical part from the thread, "Went out with a guy the other night and it was going really well.  After dinner, second time at PF Changs!!, he tried to kiss me but I had to kill the moment and say sorry I can't kiss you because of what you ate, and oh btw I have celiac disease.  Awkward...


However he seems to have passed the celiac jerk-o-meter test because I heard from him today, and he told me he called a few restaurants around the area about their gluten-free menus but also said if I wanted to do something else that works for him too.  That made my day   :)"

That makes for a funny story now, but I remember thinking leaving...wow what a way to end  :lol:  Good news is I'm still dating him after three months.  There are good people out there  :)

In Topic: Advice Needed - Intolerant To So Many Foods And Have Malabsorption Problems

24 May 2014 - 03:13 AM

hi spiritwalk,


Get those vit/min levels checked!  I was deficient in vitamins D and K despite massive supplementation.  They would barely move up at all.  My GI doctor tested me for fat malabsorption and pancreatic insufficiency, and I was diagnosed with both.  There are a few things that can cause pancreatic insufficiency, and celiac is one of them.  To rule out other causes, I had a progression of tests done this spring: small bowel follow through, MRIs of MRCP, abdomen and pelvis and the pill cam.  After all of those tests, it was determined that my severe pancreatic insufficiency is celiac related.  I have been put on the prescription enzyme called Creon.  In a few months I will be rechecked and hopefully things will improve!  Since my GI thinks this is all celiac related, I should have to take the enzymes for a few months and that should train my pancreas to work correctly again, and then I can stop taking them.  


Unlike you, I am slightly overweight, so my doctor was surprised at my results.  I was stool tested by LabCorp for the fat malabsorption and pancreatic insufficiency.  The specific test for pancreatic insufficiency is called fecal elastase.  Here is a link to more info on EPI: http://www.celiac.co...-insufficiency/


Good luck!