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Member Since 06 Jan 2013
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In Topic: Anyone Else Experience Temple Pain And Chemical Sensitivity?

12 January 2013 - 02:31 AM

I'm sensative to all chemicals, perfumes, scented items that are not all natural, etc. My temples throb, my throat gets all scratchy, and then it moves to behind my eyes.

Thanks for sharing. I get the temple pain with scented stuff, but before it happens my nose throbs and it moves behind my eyes too! Same thing happens if I eat something with gluten or dairy. Did you have this all your life or did it just start one day? For me it started 3 years ago and has not let up since.

In Topic: Anyone Else Experience Temple Pain And Chemical Sensitivity?

08 January 2013 - 05:13 PM

Never really thought about it but I'm pretty sure they did just start out of the blue in my early 20s . Never really considered them as migraines because when I get migraines which is usually caused by a reaction to red cheese and I get zig zag flashes or vision blackouts followed by an headache but could be.

I feel your pain there :( I wonder if my stomach ulcers just had enough over time and brought on some kind of inflammation. Have you ever had an endoscopy or just blood diagnosis? Since our symptoms are sort of similar. I've also read up that our immune system might not be the greatest and sometimes exposure to mold can affect the body in this way. It may just be purely celiac too though. The disease is complex!

In Topic: Anyone Else Experience Temple Pain And Chemical Sensitivity?

08 January 2013 - 03:53 PM

Hi Ryan, I too am sensitive to cigarette smoke and especially certain scented and cleaning / bug spray type products. ..I get sharp temple pains, can't breathe and go into a sort of panic attack mode.

Not sure its anything to do with celiac for me as I didn't seem to get it when I digested gluten.

Hi VeggieGal,

Did your temple pain and chem sensitivity start one day out of the blue or did you always sort of have it? I'm trying to figure out why mine started at 27.

Hi Ryan,

I don't get those symptoms myself, but posters on the forum have talked about getting migraines before. Some have said they get migraines after accidentally consuming gluten or being cc'd. I know you didn't mention migraines but it seemed like it might be related. We have also had discussions about allergies in the past. Usually it seems like there is a mixture. Some people say their allergies became less of a problem after going gluten-free, and some say their allergies got worse. But it seems like often their is s change of some kind when going gluten-free. In my case my allergies became much less of an issue after being gluten-free for a while.

Hi GFinDC,

I did meet with a neurologist who told me "welcome to the world of migraines" I'm just not sure how at age 27 it started and most of my life I had no such pain or chemical sensitivity. Maybe my body had enough after a while and snapped or I built up too much toxicity not knowing I had celiac.

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