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In Topic: Digestive Enzymes. Been Recomended Which Ones , Uk

30 July 2014 - 01:48 AM




will theses work.?

I buy those all the time - but I get large 180 tablet bottles from Amazon.

If you get them on subscribe & save then you get another 15% off - by far the cheapest option I've found.

They do wonders for me - I can eat a meal without bloating! 

In Topic: Drying Lettuce And Other Greens For Salads

19 June 2014 - 05:14 AM

I get a ton of green leafy vegetables (I belong to a program called FarmBox, which is similar to a CSA) and I'm wondering, how do you dry off your greens after washing? Do you use a salad spinner? Or some other method? I try to dry them with a towel, but it doesn't really do as good a job as I would like. 


I place my leaves in the centre of a clean, dry tea towel, then gather the corners.....go into the back garden and swing it around my head for all I am worth!

Pah, who needs fancy-shmancy salad spinners, lol.



In Topic: Wheat Allergy And Grain Alcohol

23 May 2014 - 12:21 PM

I am not sure what you don't understand about these 3 year old posts. Something can be labelled "wheat free" but still contain gluten. Most commonly, I have seen " wheat free" bread that is not gluten-free because it contains barley. If something is labelled gluten-free, it must be wheat free, barley free, rye free.

People with Celiac are not necessarily allergic to wheat. A few might be but Celiac is not an allergy.


Sorry if I seem pedantic, but I need to point out something, in case someone who has a wheat allergy reads these posts.


Just because a product is gluten free, doesn't mean is wheat free. There is a substance called "codex wheat starch" (widely used in Europe, I don't know about elsewhere) which is being used more and more in gluten free foods.

Here is a description of codex wheat starch:




Here is a product example:



I have a major problem with wheat and I made the mistake in thinking that if something was gluten free it was definitely wheat free - this is not so.

In Topic: Dealing With People Who Don't Understand

10 April 2014 - 04:09 AM

I've been reading this thread, and others like it for some time.....I find dealing with people the hardest thing about gluten-free. Mostly, I've now got it cracked, but dealing with my MIL seems impossible.


I'm self diagnosed, after a lifetime of progressing symptoms, which got so severe I had to leave my job and set up as self employed from home. It was by chance that I stumbled across C.com whilst I was trying to help my husband with his "suicide rash".......Amazingly so many things rang true......for both of us.

Both of us were at our wits end with doctors and decided to "just go gluten free" - Long story-short - It's been a hard slog, but 18 months later I am having more good days than bad and my husband no longer keeps me awake all night with his mad scratching and snoring.......amazing!


Back to MIL - she hates me (I think it's because I'm wife no. 2)......so, now when she talks to my husband, she constantly insinuates that I am MAKING him eat gluten free (Anyone who has DH will know that my hubby would rather starve than induce his "suicide rash" knowingly). When we are at family gatherings, she makes a big deal about asking me what I have been eating and telling me about EVERY FLAMING MEAL she's eaten since we last met.....then she will disappear with someone else and they will come back, staring at me, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads.......


She completely does not get it.....she tells me about all these things that are wrong with her....then tells me that if she just "cuts down a bit on wheat" then she's fine. Well, that's fine, I have no interest in what she eats....really, I couldn't care less!!! But that certainly does not mean that all I have to do is the same, which is what she implies.......I have learned the hard way that even CC is a major problem for me and I follow the diet as seriously as if I have been diagnosed by a doctor and for now, I only eat food cooked by ME..


So, I have decided that next time I see her, I will say "I am utterly sick and tired of discussing my diet, do you think we can talk about something else?".

That will probably end in a row......but I'm really sick of being polite.........

Thanks for the opportunity to vent......lol!

In Topic: Need Moral Support For Travel

10 February 2014 - 11:18 AM

I've been overseas plenty of times, and have two adapters, but I'm concerned I'll blow up my rice cooker using one. I had an immersion boiler that I ruined trying to use in Europe with one of those...


But thanks for the advice. I'll definitely go with a bag full of food - just in case.


Yeah, just to let you know - an adapter just makes the plug fit into a socket - it doesn't change the voltage. As you have found, the voltage in Europe is generally higher than the US (My American friends fritzed their stuff too). You need a device that actually converts the voltage, called a "step-down transformer". Like this:




Have fun!

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