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In Topic: Sore Lymph Nodes?

11 March 2013 - 11:23 AM

funny you should mention this......i used to get that in the same exact areas.  i am not diagnosed by a dr as having celiac (negative blood results), but i believe that i definitely have some sort of intolerance as my symptoms indicate gluten/wheat intolerance.  in any case, after changing my diet, i no longer get the swollen lymph nodes.  i did have my dr check me and i was fine.  you should do the same just to be on the safe side.  otherwise maybe it will get better soon after being gluten free for some time.  good luck to you.

In Topic: Swollen Tongue

09 March 2013 - 07:52 AM

i was told by my dr that if i ingested something that caused my allergic reaction, to take pepcid as it also works like an antihistamine in the gut.  but i'm not sure if pepcid is gluten free or not.  i only took it when i had my huge hive breakout and stopped taking it after that. 


now if i have gut issues i just drink peppermint tea and tums or lemon water. i always take a daily antihistamine such as zyrtec. and when zyrtec doesn't work i take a benedryl on top of that. 


if you are not on antihistamines, maybe you should have allergy testing done.  that will tell you if you have any food allergies.

In Topic: Swollen Tongue

08 March 2013 - 04:20 PM

Thanks for your replies. I was thinking maybe an allergy was showing up.  Think it might be milk, i drink the lactose free stuff as im lactose intolerant.  Boo, i hope not.  The inside of my cheeks are swollen too, i hope this isnt going to happen all the time. 

wow that definitely does sound like an allergy.  make sure to keep benedryl on hand just in case it gets worse.  hope you figure it out.  good luck and hope you feel better soon.

In Topic: Swollen Tongue

08 March 2013 - 11:15 AM

the tongue swelling happens to me usually a day or two after i eat pasta, bread, or beer.  but i'm not sure if that's your cause b/c you said you went gluten free.  it could be a different food that isn't agreeing with you.  when i tell my dr's about my swollen tongue they look at me like i'm crazy and i'm making it up and i've told the emergency room at the hospital, my allergy dr. and my primary dr. and no one can explain it, so i just pay attention to what i've eatin that was different that may have caused it.  it usually doesn't happen immediately after eating. sometimes it happens the day after eating pasta or bread or a new food that i haven't eaten before or in a while.  stress also makes me flare up.  i take zyrtec daily and I find that drinking peppermint tea and eating a tums before bed helps my swollen tongue come down a bit.   i think it has to do with my stomach.  not sure if that's same for you, but just try to pay attention when it happens and what you ate prior to it happening even what you ate the day before it happens.  i would also say you should contact your dr. just to get a checkup just in case it gets worse.  my dr. did give me an epipen just in case it were to ever get really bad.  good luck to you and hope your symptoms improve.

In Topic: Peppermint Tea & Tums

08 March 2013 - 11:09 AM

Have you been able to figure out what is causing the hives/tounge swelling?


As for the tea, there is no harm in that as long as your body can handle it.


I used to take tums before i went to bed because of my GERD. Outside of the calcium boost, i don't think it did any harm.

I relate the hives and tongue swelling to ingesting gluten, wheat products, beer, etc.  Seems to happen after I eat pasta, breads, and sometimes other foods that tend to bother my stomach. 

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