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In Topic: Can You Be Intolerant To Things You Haven't Eaten Before?

01 March 2013 - 05:17 AM

Foam - that's really interesting that culturing the soy makes it more digestible! I actually don't have problems with dairy strangely enough so at the moment I'm making dairy milk kefir and I'm happy it will help me get some calories! I just used up all my cabbage to make saurkraut so I'm gonna have it ready in a few days and probably eat it with every meal! I heard if you eat fermented foods with meals it will make digesting the food easier :)


Juliebove - thanks a lot for your letting me know your experiences :) I'm definitely not expecting the diet alone to  get rid of candida, but it's good to do in addition to all the other treatments I'm doing until I get better! I don't actually find the diet too bad, but my individual intolerances make it a lot more difficult :( I'll probably try something like candex after I improve a bit more

In Topic: Can You Be Intolerant To Things You Haven't Eaten Before?

01 March 2013 - 01:57 AM

thanks so much! I'll try adding more root vegetables in.. And thanks for letting me know im not the only one to be randomly intolerant to those foods lol! I thought my gut was just going spaz

In Topic: Can You Be Intolerant To Things You Haven't Eaten Before?

01 March 2013 - 01:25 AM

thanks a lot for your advice! I unfortunately can't have soy milk cause it makes me sick though :( I was talking to this one girl who seems quite knowledgable about all this and i told her I've become intolerant to all grains and want to replace my carbs with legumes since they are complex carbohydrates.. and she told me if i don't eat grains I'm going to end up more sick later and i should continue eating them even though I am intolerant to them.. and also that i shouldn't eat legumes.. this is what mostly caused me to starve myself because i got so worried about not eating grains and not getting enough carbs and everything argh :( she said that i would feel sick eating things im intolerant to for now, but eventually I'll feel better.. so right now I'm confused and worried and hate all the conflicting advice that comes with this illness =\

In Topic: Can You Be Intolerant To Things You Haven't Eaten Before?

01 March 2013 - 12:04 AM

Thanks! Though I was hoping to hear something different.. :( I still find it weird though because I didn't think the "ancient grains" have similar protein structures to modern grains like wheat and I have barely eaten any of them at all.. if ever. My candida isn't out of control or anything, it was getting better even while eating a fair bit of rice, but my digestive system is screwed up in terms of not making enough enzymes and acid making me unable to tolerate any raw foods, red meat, or anything that hasn't been slow cooked or soaked or put into soups.. but I have finally found a diet that is working for that.. The only thing that is bothering me right now is that my body just doesn't want any carbs that are allowed on this diet! But i want carbs lol! I was finally starting to improve and devised a whole plan to get rid of this then bam! i have an intolerance to one of my main staple foods and feel like everything I've done has just gone straight out the window..


I have just started making my own probiotic foods and am waiting for them to ferment, I'm making kefir and saurkraut and am really hoping they make a difference, I''ve been taking a lot of supplements too to help the liver, immune system, digestive system, inflammation in the gut etc but i dunno.. I have now become terrified that anything I put in my mouth is going to cause a problem with either leaky gut or candida so i have so far starved myself all day :\ and am really scared about thinking of what to eat tomorrow..

In Topic: Help With Candida?

26 January 2013 - 08:26 PM

Thanks for the help foam. That clinic seems really good, I just wish I was able to get real help from these kinds of people than have to do everything on my own. I feel I've been given a death sentence by being diagnosed with candida because everyone says they've suffered for so long.. I'm not entirely sure if I have leaky gut, I'm just very confused and I don't want to suffer for years... but my body doesn't care what I want or it wouldn't have ended up like this in the first place... I'll try my best to follow as many ideas from this link as I can

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