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Can You Be Intolerant To Things You Haven't Eaten Before?

28 February 2013 - 11:28 PM

Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone here can help me out with this... many months ago i became gluten intolerant which lead to me becoming intolerant to other things like corn, soy, oats etc.. I eventually found out i have candida from my naturopath and have had to go on a terrible no sugar diet..


The naturopath helped me figure out food sensitivities using something called a biomeridian stress test and it seems to be fairly accurate, the foods that came up included all the foods I've mentioned and all grains except for rice and amaranth.. I find it a little strange though because I've never eaten millet or buckwheat before.. and they don't seem to have a relation to gluten at all since they are actually seeds :\ I didn't really care at first because I was still able to eat brown rice and amaranth so these are where my carb sources came from, but because of my huge lack of food on this candida diet I have now become intolerant to brown rice as I ate it daily instead of rotating it..


I really don't believe that in order to get rid of candida, you need to completely cut out carbs like most of the diets out there say, because I feel like I'm starving myself eating this way and my body cannot tolerate high amounts of meat and fat.. however I can't eat other kinds of carbs like potatoes because they are simple carbohydrates and create more sugar which feeds candida ARGH!!


I have been wanting to add more carbs into my diet and I am just wondering if it is even possible for me to be intolerant to things I haven't eaten before.. or at least not much.. because i would really like to be able to add things like buckwheat, millet and quinoa into my diet.. but I'm really scared of what will happen if i do and it turns out I'm intolerant :/ I hope someone can help me with this!

Help With Candida?

24 January 2013 - 02:59 AM

Hi everyone. I've been waiting months to find out what was wrong with me after going gluten free my naturopath told me i have candida. I am so upset because out of all the different conditions that displayed my symptoms I was hoping this was the only one i didn't have... I have read so many scary stories about it how people have it for years and the diet is the most restricting thing I've ever seen... I also have leaky gut and have to rotate my foods

Is it really true that it takes years to go away? And what else is there besides diet that I can do for it? I will do the diet, but i want to know what else can help. I've been looking at threelac but apparently they changed one of the ingredients a few years ago and now it's dangerous.. I'm not sure why they would do this because there were so many people who had good experience with it before. I'm really wondering what is going to happen now.. I've never taken many antibiotics and i don't even have celiac so I'm really confused as to why this happened. If anyone has had any success with it please tell me... Do symptoms at least subside while you're doing the diet? Do any cleanses work? I'm really worried that I will have this forever and I'm so upset...

Igg Intolerance Testing?

15 January 2013 - 08:37 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience here with intolerance tests? I'm having trouble with my leaky gut which is making me intolerant to many foods and I am rotating and keeping a food diary, but I am still getting worse. I recently got a meridian stress test which tested for food sensitivities and it showed I was sensitive to all grains (including ones i haven't eaten) and it said I was fine with several things I swear I'm intolerant to like peanuts, dairy and bananas. I'm really confused! I'm scared my leaky gut will never heal because I can't tell what I'm intolerant to and I keep getting mixed info from everywhere!... The only tests for intolerances I have found in Australia are an elisa test that costs $800 and a hair test which I am not sure will be accurate. If anyone can help me with intolerance tests they've tried or recommend some in Australia or even internationally I would really appreciate it!

Gluten Free And Depressed..

08 January 2013 - 04:58 PM

Hi everyone I'm new here and I was just hoping to get some advice on what is wrong with me.

I went gluten free (after being negative for celiac) about six months ago after having a lot of problems and it helped immensely- all of my problems went away, but I got cc'd a few times and then things never got better..

I was becoming intolerant to things i ate a lot and i figured I may have leaky gut so i went on a rotation diet to heal it. I was finally seeing some improvement, but then out of the blue I became constipated. My stomach ballooned up and i felt horrible I couldn't eat because I was so full and eventually i had to take a laxative to get rid of it. Unfortunately though my symptoms have not really gone away

I now have a constant bloated stomach. It doesn't matter if i do or don't eat it will be bloated. When i was having food intolerance problems it would go down if I didn't eat anything I'm sensitive to but now it is always there. It goes from the top half of my abdomen to the bottom. I am not constipated however I feel like I am not completely emptying my bowels...

I also always feel full, i burp a lot when i eat I get flatulence especially when I wake up and after i eat and my food just sort of sits in my stomach. It often comes out undigested

Does anyone know what this might be? I'm really depressed at this point because every time I start getting better something else comes up to bite me... I'm scared that even if i figure this out that something else will happen and it will never end. I have become very underweight since this all started and I'm very scared to go on diets. I've become intolerant to most of the high calorie foods from my leaky gut...

Any help would be appreciated

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