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Member Since 10 Jan 2013
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#855560 Do You Have To Have "specific" Celiac Genes?

Posted by on 23 February 2013 - 04:47 PM

Thanks for responding.

The doctors in my area(my insurance) are not educated enough about celiac to do the right tests-some weren't in the system, and every derm I've ever been to in the pass just doesn't listen- so, I didn't want to waste anymore time. It's just too depressing. Then I ordered enterolab, hoping it would shed a little light. I am however seeing an holistic/MD now who is helping me with my conditions. After reading a lot today about gene and stool testing and everything in between...lol, very exhausting, I'm kind of over all the facts now.

I know my body and it's reactions, the problems I've had since I was a child....lol. Why couldn't I have this mindset a month ago!? I'm sticking to my clean diet...I feel so much better.  :wub:

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#848024 Newbie Here - Plenty Of Problems

Posted by on 11 January 2013 - 03:09 PM

Omg, you sound like me, except Im female and 24. Im just now getting to my new doctor(who listens) to see if he can run some blood work. In the past when I went(17yo), they treated me like I was a hypochondriac! I felt SO belittled that I never went back. One doctor did want to diagnose me with Fibromyalgia(20yo), but because I didn't want to take the antidepressants that she wanted to prescribe me, she said that I didn't want to receive treatment!!! It's very aggravating to be so young and to be treated like that. I feel like I've been suffering my whole life. I can't get to the doctors until the 22nd, so for now Im just hanging in there. Im also going to do some testing from enterolab to see if I have any other intolerances/allergies other than gluten as well, so I can eliminate those as well when I change my diet. Maybe you should check that out?(enterolab.com) I too get the most annoying itchy skin ever, with little bumps and blister like pimples(only a couple random ones on my body) and it's after I've had glutenous foods. Beer REALLY makes my skin flare up head to toe-but it burns for a few days and then gets itchy. I also get very winded...going up the stairs, getting up from a sitting/laying position, standing too long...my heart races and I have to catch my breath. Im not sure if it's related either. I hope you feel better and start finding answers soon too!! :)
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