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Member Since 12 Jan 2013
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Functional Medicine Physician

17 January 2013 - 03:58 AM

I've been receiving treatments and advice from a functional medicine doctor for just about a year now. I had never heard of them before I attended a 6 wk program on digestive issues, put on by my wife's county employer. Everything he said and his knowledge on the subject was remarkable so I made an appointment to see him. He is very picky on who he accepts, because he wants only the determined, so he doesn't waste his time, I liked that. Of course insurance doesn't cover anything that he has done so it became costly, but I figured being healed was worth any price I had to pay. I've had several tests, GI effects stool, Adrenal Stress Index & NutrEval etc and they all brought up "red flags" that he dealt with by giving me certain supplements. The problem has been that I'm not really much better and it is starting to feel like he is running out of answers. My program with him runs out in June and that will be it for me, win or lose, because of the high cost to maintain everything he has asked of me.

My question is, who do I try and find next? I know the GI doctors are useless with these problems. I've had 3 colonoscopies, upper and lower GI, small bowel etc and everything was negative. Even blood tests for celiac was negative, even though my recent tests with my functional medicine doctor all showed very elevated gluten intolerances.

Any advice, if June rolls around and I'm feeling the same? I keep praying that I'll have a breakthrough in the next 6 months but I just don't know??

Newbie From Ohio

12 January 2013 - 11:27 AM

Hello everyone. I'm Dan, a 48 yr old gluten sufferer that has been gluten free for 10 months, but still struggles with leaky gut syndrome. I've been working with a functional medicine doctor for treatments, supplements etc, after years of getting nowhere with GI doctors. They are only interested in slapping the IBS tag on you and prescribing as much worthless harmful drugs as they can. Who knows how long I've been gluten intolerant, it took two trips to the ER with severe cramping and diahrrea to finally convince me that this was more than just IBS.
I'm still only having limited success because now it turns out that I am eating cross reactive foods that my body is mistaking for gluten. I've had to shorten my already slim list of things I can eat and it is frustrating. I've never been scoped for celiac, but I've had the GI effects stool test, the ELISA food panel & various blood tests, all which showed high intolerance to gluten, so I was told for the most part consider myself a celiac.
I don't trust the "gluten free" foods out there either. The FDA only has to meet certain markers to label food, so the ingredients are still there, just in a smaller amount. I'm currently on a whole foods only diet, eating nothing that has any ingredients in it at all. Fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and that is it. No rice, soy, dairy, potato, egg, which worked for awhile as a gluten substitute, but no more.

I'm on different all natural supplements to aid in healing my leaky gut but it seems like one step forward and two steps back. I'm lucky to have 2 "good" days out of 7. I was a steady 155 in early 2012, I stay consistently at 140 now.

Anyone else as frustrated as I am with any advice?

The good ole insurance companies won't touch any tests that I've had done and I've sunk over 3,000 dollars in treatments, tests, supplements, consultations etc with a functional medicine doctor. My current treatment plan with him runs out in June and then I'm on my own because I can't afford to keep going.

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