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The Hop

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In Topic: Airborne Gluten?

14 January 2013 - 09:34 AM

That is a very interesting thought on the subject and you could be on to something about cell memory. Perhaps it's the memory of what gluten does to you that creates this slight reaction. I always felt it was your bodies way of protecting you from harm. I also get nauseous from standing too close to pizza when it is being baked but it goes away when I get outside into fresh air.
It still is psychosomatic and not a true gluten hit but it is interesting all the same.

Unless you inhale flour, then it is not a true hit. You don't have to worry about intestinal damage unless you ingest it.

I Think there is a major misconception going on here... A smell is produced when airborne particles trigger the nerves in your nose. No particles, no smell! If you're smelling some form of flour, there is a possibility of receiving gluten. When flour is aerosolized, it's predominately the protein that gets distributed in the air, so i would not be too quick to call these reactions psychosomatic. Here's an abstract, of a look at the content of airborne flour. (a little technical)