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Antibody Tests For Celiac Disease

17 January 2013 - 09:58 PM

I've been looking for a better test than IgE, since that is immediate response, and the one the docs always want to give us. Since celiac disease is autoimmune, that doesn't make sense. What also doesn't make sense to me is having an IgA test done, being it only indicates having an unspecified auto-immune disease. Since I have already been diagnosed having Hashi's, this test would not make sense, as I already know I have an auto-immune disease, so I got to thinking, what test did they give me to determine the thyroid test, specifically? I looked it up, and it was a thyroid antibody test. That led me to wonder why there isn't one for intestinal antibodies....or was there? Googled it, and came up with PubMed article with a study on:
Intestinal anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies in potential coeliac disease.

As a result of the data collected in this study, it shows "the measurement of intestinal anti-TG2 antibodies may prove useful in clinical practice to predict evolution towards mucosal atrophy in potential coeliac patients and identify patients with gluten sensitivity." Thoughts, anyone???

Page Break For New Paragraph

17 January 2013 - 12:27 AM

Can't seem for the life of me how to figure out new paragraph on here. I've been using <b> and </b> but cannot seem to get it to work? Can someone please advise how to/what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Help With Gluten Challenge

16 January 2013 - 07:14 PM

For 10 years, I was STRICT, absolutely NO cheats whatsoever, but I ate crackers at a party last month thinking they were gluten-free, discovering they were not after I had eaten a few. I waited a month, expecting to become ill, or at the very least, have DH, but when I didn't have symptoms, I guess I started experiencing all the second guessing someone who might have been eating a gluten-free diet for a only a few weeks, or months, or a couple of years, the second guessing that I never had during my ten years of complete abstinence because I remember how crappy I felt when I made the commitment that I never looked back on, until this past month. Now that I have fallen off the wagon, and have fallen hard, I am feeling quite perplexed that I haven't become ill, because it only took so little in the past when inadvertently exposed. With the encouragement of a post from another member, I've decided since all the past tests I've had have come out negative (most likely because I wasn't eating gluten at the time), that I can take my fall from grace and utilize the experience to perform a gluten challenge. How long is long enough, and because it has been 10 years for me, would it take longer for my system to become affected, than say, someone who has only been gluten free for a couple of years?

Why Am I Not Sick From Eating Gluten?!?!?!

15 January 2013 - 10:14 AM

Okay, I've been willingly gluten-free for 10 years. Last month, I mistakenly ate some crackers at a party that were not gluten-free (thinking they were), and I did not get sick like I normally do! In the past, all it has taken is a very small amount. I have discussed this recently with a few people, and one said "well, maybe you are 'over it'." which kind of pissed me off, but, I got to wondering...as we all do, wouldn't it be nice if I actually were over it? But, I KNOW it doesn't work that way!!! And still, I kept wondering why I didn't get a rash, or become ill...at all. So...I did something brave to test it out. When I brought some artisan bread home for my DH two nights ago, I had a piece, and waited for the belly-cramping-wish-I-were-dead-gastro-intestinal distress I would get with even the smallest amount, and it never happened!!!! I was so surprised, I have been greedily consuming my top 5 things I have missed for the past 10 years, hoping I will get all 10 on my list in before I get a reaction and have to stop again. Two days, and still...NOTHING! I would like to know, has anyone ever experienced not becoming ill after eating gluten? I would feel better if I had never had a dh rash, but I discovered this was Celiac when a friend's mom who is a Celiac told me what the rash was when I mentioned to her back in the early 00's that "I have this rash, I think I am allergic to bread or something because it went away when I did the Atkin's diet, and came back when I went off of it." Thing is, if I hadn't had the rash, I would be telling myself, okay, well maybe I just had IBS all those years, and its finally healed for not eating gluten for 10 years. I would welcome any thoughts or discussions, this is blowing my mind! For the record, I had Upper/Lower GI series performed prior to GERD dx in 2007. GI did biopsy while "in there" without asking me (I went in for other issues) and when I woke up he told me I tested negative. I said "duh, why would I, I have not been eating it for over three years!" One more thing, I learned all I needed to know on this site, and haven't posted until now, because I've not had reason to, until now. This is a BIG reason to!

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