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in the middle

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Severe Symptoms In Muscles And Nerves After Coming Off Gluten?

17 January 2013 - 03:10 PM

Hi everyone! I'm new here and I'm trying to figure out this whole gluten sensitivity thing. I was diagnosed with IBS by my GI doctor. I was negative on the celiac and wheat allergy, however, I had put myself on a gluten free diet 2 weeks before tests were done which I hear will cause the tests to be negative. I just couldn't bring myself to eat any gluten for the tests because I had been so sick! The reason for the gluten free diet is because I have 3 sisters and one aunt with confirmed celiac and I thought maybe that was the problem....you know, grasping for straws. I have suffered since I was a child with stomach issues. I was adopted so my family history was a puzzle to me until recently. I now have been gluten free for 7 months and my stomach is so much better! Before my gluten-free diet had begun, my joints had been painful and my right pinky finger (weird place for this to happen) was getting very inflamed and twisted looking. Two weeks after going gluten-free the pinky finger stopped hurting and the inflamation started to get less and less. So at that point my stomach was doing great, my joint pain was going away....wow, I'm well! NOT!!! Now for the past 4 months I have been having stinging, shooting, creepy crawly feeling pain in my muscles mostly in my upper body and some even in my scalp. Some of the pain feels like I'm being stabbed with pins. I've even been to the hospital with it and I think the doctors have written me off as a lunatic. I really don't have the time or energy to be a lunatic!.... This is real pain. I just think this is strange to have pain like this after I've gone gluten-free. Someone said maybe I was detoxing. Is this common? If so, how long does it last? Or is it something else? I just want to get well. I'm so tired of the pain and not knowing what this is. I also have to worry about my grandson. He has the same problems as I do and he put himself on the diet. Very mature, I think, for an 11 year old to make that kind of decision! I just want to know as much as possible so we both can benefit. Help? Advice? Thanks!

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