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So Maybe I Am Gi Or Celiac? Maybe I'm Not....

16 January 2013 - 04:09 PM


For the past few years I feel like I'm getting more and more tired. Other symptoms include frequent heartburn, headaches, inability to focus (brain fog?), frequent colds, flus, almost always stuffed up to the extent that i didn't realize i had stopped breathing from my nose completely etc. I've tried a few things to fix this, work out (made me more tired), sleep study (nothing real found not, not even sleep apnea, was given a CPAP machine anyway and it didn't really fix anything), sleep more, sleep less, diet (i've put on considerable weight as well), etc.

I also have issues with digestion, and I saw an internist (?) and after a biopsy was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. After the diagnosis of EE, I went on an elimination diet for 2 months (Was meant to go 6 but went on vacation and stopped), of dairy and wheat products. As a person who doesn't like meat (not morally opposed just never liked it) that elimination diet pretty much took out most of my food options :P. Anyway I never gave it that much thought because even though when food got stuck in my esophogus, it was quite uncomfortable, it happened infrequently enough that it didn't seem like worth given up dairy and wheat. However, as my symptoms worsen, I've been a lot more focused on trying to figuring out what the cause could be.

I recently had a blood test, and was found to have insufficient levels of B12, and Vitamin D (even though I Take B75 Complex and Multivitamins), and my ALT score indicated that there might be a problem with liver function. I requested a second blood test after that for gluten intolerance, but surprisingly that needs 5 weeks to come back? So now I'm pondering whether or not I should eliminate gluten now anyway, knowing that even if the blood test came back with any indication of intolerance to gluten, I will probably need to get a probe done. I feel completely exhausted now, and I just want to know what is wrong. My biggest issue is brain fog, and with my line of work, the inability to concentrate is really hard to deal with. Anyway I'm not sure why I wrote all this out, I guess looking for feedback? Thanks anyway for reading this...