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#860813 I Got Glutened, Quasi-On Purpose. Bad Cathy...

Posted by on 27 March 2013 - 10:16 AM

I know the feeling!  Were you ever dx'd by a doctor or did you just decide to go gluten free?  I have a bunch of symtoms and pretty much self dx'd myself because when I went gluten free for close to 3 months, almost every symptom went away.  I accidentally glutened also - eating out at restaurants - I can totally identify with the "hangover" feeling.  Not sure what it was that I ate and I had wine instead of gluten free cider and back in the day I could easily drink 3 nice glasses of wine and feel fine.  Now I get very ill from just one glass.  I am back on gluten again so I can get an endoscopy on Friday.  My tummy is starting to hurt but not like it did before (although I am eating gluten, I am eating fruits, yogurt and taking a good probiotic - something I never did before - never touched fruit or veggies - just at processed junk 24/7).  And all my other symptoms - fatigue, bags under eyes, rashes, itchy eyes, achey joints - all came back. 

I have an actual diagnosis, although until my first "glutening," I never recognized any GI symptoms or reactions.  This was a HUGE wake-up call for me.  I feel like the diagnosis is real now, which is bittersweet for me...  my mom also has an official diagnosis, but her DH issues were very evident as soon as her celiac manifested...

Thanks so much!

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