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In Topic: Pain In Joints Of Short Duration; One Of Celiac Symptoms?

27 January 2013 - 05:07 PM

What kind of pain is it that you get, Sasha? Is it a dull ache, a tingle, a sharp electrical jolt? For me, I describe the pain in my joints and fingers as being electrical type, almost like a bolt of lightning going through the toes and fingers. Causes a sharp inspiration of breath. Is it like this or something else?

Thanks for your reply. I get a sharp pain, kind of like a stab, lasting a few seconds, with several episodes at a time (5 episodes on average at a time), concentrated on one area (my finger, arm, knee), painful but not unbearable. I do get the very sharp lightning type of pain in my head, all of a sudden, and that can cause me like a shortness of breath.

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