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In Topic: Newbie Mostly Asymptomatic

23 January 2013 - 09:02 AM

Jaw pain? Damn. Another symptom. I just thought it was from years of improper brushing and receding gums and from clenching my teeth. I've been sleeping with a mouthguard since I was 18, tres attractive, but necessary.

No stomach aches though. Had a bout of weight gain (I'm one of those people you hate from high school: I've only gained about 20 lbs since graduation and have always had the tendency to lose weight from stress or as one internist said to me I can actually cannibalize myself) and constipation, but that's no longer an issue for the time being. Yes, Takala it does appear that I'm just checking off the symptoms.

As for the endoscope...years ago my brother had one for what his doc thought was a sarcoid. Came back inconclusive=they missed the target. His doc was quite the Nazi during the procedure. My bro was completely awake, barely sedated, not even a Valium. The Dark Ages of Medicine (going back to 2001).

New year, new diet.

In Topic: Newbie Mostly Asymptomatic

22 January 2013 - 08:47 PM

Vitamin B-12, D3 and Calcium all within normal ranges. And get this my cholesterol is 140, triglyceride 55, LDL 87, pretty good eh? It's funny but not-I only eat gluten (Mom's a great baker) when I'm home for Christmas and the Christmas Eve tradition of the baccala...and the baked stuff shrimp and spaghetti with clam sauce. Back on the west coast, no pasta or bread or cookies in my kitchen. No frozen food in the freezer. I swim sometimes 1.5 hours a day 5-7 days a week. The numbers have scared me $%^^less. And since I have been back east, my joints are achy and it's not from the wind chill and shoveling Mom's driveway. Might be that dough boy and banana chocolate chunk muffin I had 1.5 weeks ago before the blood results came in. One doctor did prescribe Fosamax. Haven't filled that prescription yet because I read one of the rare side effects is lymphoma, so like why double my odds...and it should be noted I come from a long line on both sides of the family who are the Rare Side Effect when it comes to prescription meds. It can always be worse: I have a 38 year old friend with brain cancer and she has a 2 year old son. I was able to beg my way into an appointment with a gastro guy next Monday. My health insurance doesn't cover sedation for an endoscope (out of pocket 750-1,000.00); gonna try to work the angle that I also have TMJ (acquired that from filling out my first college application). Yeah, I'm a mess. But I keep it all in. You'd never know sitting across from me at dinner. LOL! I read somewhere that Cadbury Chocolate is gluten-free. It's the best damn chocolate in the world! I appreciate the replies...and to Takala who knew that my homeland of Italia (I've never been) was so evolved!?!

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