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Migraines And Sinus Headaches

30 March 2013 - 05:04 PM

Yesterday was my endoscopy. I was eating heavy gluten for a week and starting last Monday I have had migraines and sinus pressure really bad. Went off the gluten today. Whether I have celiac or not, I know I feel better gluten free. Just today my rashes disappeared. But the migraine and sinus pressure is still there.....to the point where I had to go to bed this afternoon, after doing a Nettie pot, taking a fioricet and ice packs. Just took my second fioricet now. Anyone with migraines and when will it subside? I don't remember having them this bad.Do I still have gluten in my system that has to leave? Last two plus months have been bliss with no headaches whatsoever until I glutened up this week. I am not talking a piece of bread a day, EVERY meal was loaded with gluten last week.

Had My Endoscopy This Morning

29 March 2013 - 04:14 PM

Went in this morning for my endoscopy. The doctor gave me the pictures and said I looked good but need to wait for the biopsy results to rule out celiac and h-pylori. He said if the results are negative I could still be gluten intolerant so I should go back to gluten free which I gladly did today. The glutening was horrible, especially last night eating diner food.....came home doubled over, looking like I was pregnant and I itched all last night. No gluten today and already I feel better. Felt so good after the endo, I went shopping but my husband yelled at me for getting in the car and driving off but seriously I felt fine, even after waking up in recovery. He drove me home and then was busy with his buddies in the garage so I planned my escape:-) The Dr also said if gluten free makes me feel better than stick to it. I think something is up because pizza, bread, pasta and cookies and beer totally ruin me. So now I wait for the result.

Day 5 Of Glutening...weird

26 March 2013 - 04:24 PM

Well completed day 5 and my guts don't hurt like they used to. I have eaten plenty of gluten and basically tripled my food intake. The only pain I have started today....feels like a "stitch" in my lower right side....it happens when I move around a lot. The constipation is coming back and the pressure in my upper stomach is still there. I am EXTREMELY itchy......like an allergy......I get a bright rash near one of my old incision sites from when I had my gallbladder out. This would happen before I gave up gluten for 2 months. I have to put hydrocortisone cream on it and take a benedryl. Plus my eyes are sticky and itchy, my sinuses are clogged and the morning headaches and sore joints are back. Bags under my eyes are starting and I am gonna sleep good tonight cuz I am extremely tired. Not sure what I will do if the info comes back negative.

Day 2 Of Adding Gluten In Prep For Test

23 March 2013 - 11:11 AM

Well, yesterday was Day 1 of glutening and I had a very dark beer and 6 toll house cookies. My meals throughout the day were healthy because I didn't see the gastro until after lunch and already had fish prepared for dinner. No immediate effects last night.

This morning.....woke up with an intense headache which I still have, sinuses bugging me, sore neck and the 3 usual rashes that I used to get. This sucks .....haven't had a headache in 2 months. Had a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich on a hard roll with coffee and oj....so far no tummy troubles. Double bacon pizza and beer for dinner tonight. I have a feeling I will be on the couch by tomorrow. I slept 9 hours last night and am still tired.

But I want my endo so I will get thru this.:-) Just a temporary glitch.

I Get To Gluten Myself - Endo Next Friday

22 March 2013 - 10:11 AM



Well, it's been over 2 months that I have gone gluten-free and I have no complains with the diet - I can't believe how crappy I used to eat so I'm happy I eat more fruits, veggies and hardly any processed garbage anymore.  I know I have accidentally glutened myself a few times because my stomach problems start up again and normally last for 2 days - usually happens at work when I can't turn down a cookie or I put the wrong salad dressing on my lunch.


Although I feel much better, I'm still losing weight (down to 94 lbs now) and one thing didn't go away - I have burning/pressure in my upper stomach and sometimes as the day goes by it can get worse.  Only thing that makes me feel better is to drink a New Planet Beer or a hard cider - bubbly, which will make me burp.  But it comes back and sometimes I have a problem at night going to bed with that pressure.


I went to see the Gastro today to talk to her about and she scheduled the endo for next Friday. She pressed on my stomach and down my my intestines it didn't hurt like it used to but my upper stomach sort of hurt when she pressed on it - not stabbing pain, but pressure.  I am to gluten up again until next Friday (not looking forward to that but I'll do what I gotta do).  She is going to check for H-Pylori - what is that? And she wants to check for ulcers/hernia?  Plus I'll get a biopsy done for the celiac.


I just hope I get somewhere with all this.  Anyone ever have H-Pylori or an ulcer?