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In Topic: Joint Popping And Muscle Twitching?

14 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

Oh, about five years ago I had the jaw thing. Not sure if it's the same as you. I had intense swelling and pain where I could hardly open my mouth anymore. My dentist suggested that I pry it as far as I could holding for 30 seconds, many times a day (you could use a cork to hold your mouth open). The next suggestion was the TENS machine. It took months before it felt better but I was also on a regular diet at the time. 

Again, when my diet gets off I get a little tightness in my jaw. This warning gets my diet under control pretty quick as it is very uncomfortable.

In Topic: Joint Popping And Muscle Twitching?

14 June 2014 - 09:08 AM

I crack, crinkle and twitch. It is totally diet related for me and I know I am way off when I get my eye twitch. This is rare though. Even when my diet is perfect I think I still have damage from years of undiagnosis that there is a bit of damage so there will always be some cracking but no pain.

I had some tomato three weeks ago and now I have a swollen painful knee. I am on a pretty strict diet to keep my arthritis at bay, three years medication free:) and no longer have to get yearly blood testing. Now, I just have to focus and get rid of those nightshades but I love them so so much, way more than gluten to be honest! Oh, and I have to routinely take my supplements - vit D, fish oil, MSM, gluc, B complex and magnesium, which I also fall off track with.

In Topic: Joint Pain After Being gluten-free 2 Years - Could Celiac Still Be Causing That?

25 May 2014 - 05:15 AM

I also have to be extremely careful with what I eat. Even something like too much fruit, cabbage, or brussel sprouts sends my body in a tail spin. I noticed a big difference going gluten free/elimination diet within four days. It helped me more than my DMARD/Celebrex combo ever did. Unfortunately, gluten free wasn't enough for me. I have to be dairy, soy, protein (rice, pea isolates and the like), nightshade free and very low sugar. Plus I have some things, like I said above, that I know my body doesn't like in excess.  I still cheat with dairy and nightshades occasionally but if I do it more than two/three days I get noticable swelling. I never cheat with gluten as I find it takes longer to clear from my system. One time consumption of the other no-nos I get tightness throughout my joints for two or three days.  It took me almost a year to get flexibility in my fingers to make a fist again and get full range of motion in all my joints. Three years later I am still working on neck/shoulder and back and am almost where I want to be and intend on taking it further.  I was never diagnosed with Celiac (but other AI conditions) and an elimination diet is protocol with Naturopaths so I did it, with hesitation, and was so happy with the results. Luck was on my side because the gluten free "craze" happened shortly afterwards so it was like having someone hold my hand through the process, lol.

In Topic: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (Mcas)

20 January 2014 - 09:04 AM

Well, I am only half way through reading this thread but finally, a place where I belong! I found out about histamine foods approx six months ago but never this condition. Thanks for the link. Last week, I guess because of the holidays, I started to itch again so I cut I went low histamine and it's gone. I was always sensitive to so much - sounds (especially tinkling, repetitive ones), textures and smells and noticed this has improved immensely. I don't think I could ever get tested as I think I would feel too insecure to even ask. My history with doctors hasn't been a good one and after years of meds for my AI conditions I asked my doctor to test me for celiac and kind of got belittled for it. I have a new doctor but rarely go anymore to discuss any problems (as there are so few now) but mostly because I was so failed in the past that I just take care of it on my own now. Thanks for providing more information that I think I need to solve the last bits of my puzzle. LOL, now I get to work on my kids' puzzles. 

In Topic: Hashimoto's

02 January 2014 - 07:43 PM

Here is an interesting article I came across in regards to lectins and autoimmunity. I pretty much follow a very low lectin diet.