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Member Since 28 Jan 2013
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Well Darn It All!

07 February 2013 - 09:24 AM

I have been getting along tickety boo for nearly one month on the gluten free diet and find it helps many things, despite my other ailments. Last night, however, my restraint was tested too much to resist by one lone little marshmallow Christmas tree on a stick that was leftover and had been calling to me :). Of course the package, listing ingredients, had already been thrown out so I don't even know where it was made. It took only 2 hours for the gas etc to start up again.... :(. I was undone by my own gluttony lol. Who woulda thunk it could have gluten!?

I Am Celebrating Today :)

31 January 2013 - 11:58 AM

Well, you have to stay pleased about the small gifts that come your way, right? I went for my ill-fated colonscopy yesterday after the typical three month waitlist and two day purge (much less nasty than 15 years ago when I had my last one). It went poorly in the sense that it could not be completed because there are too many diverticular growths blocking the colon to see all the way. That also made it quite painful and I was vomiting several hours afterwards. So now he wants to do a CT colon scan and of course I am allergic to dyes if contrast is to be used. As well, I have stage 3 kidney disease so the purging process possibly should not have been ordered in the first place for yesterday's scope and now will have to be repeated for the scan. I cannot believe how little info we are given by doctors and how we are expected to accept their directives without question! Thank Heavens for the internet! Most docs seem to hate it....

Anyway, part of the good news is that I called his office and refused to go for more tests until I have some of my concerns addressed. I have never questioned a surgeon on his judgment before but should have many times in hindsight. I feel proud :D.

But the BEST part of the good news is that I went right back on the gluten free diet last night and went out to a restaurant with a gluten free menu. You know eating after a 2 day fast is great and I expected it to be, especially now my appetite is coming back (3 weeks now gluten free). I have felt sick no matter what I ate for months and months.

Guess what the restaurant had? Gluten free pasta with baked cheese all over it!! I felt I had died and gone to Heaven. It was so wonderful and I slept better than in months and feel great today. I even went to the store next to the restaurant and loaded up on some gluten free itemslike pancake mix and cookies to try as I have been scared until now. Ate the leftover pasta for breakfast and all is still well. I am having a sunny moment lol.

Hope you all have a good day.

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