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Newbie - Could I Be Celiac?

29 January 2013 - 03:35 PM

Hello all,

Im a 28 year old male (80 kgs approx) used to be fit and eat normally. (non-smoker and light drinker) (about 3 years ago I stopped exercising due to low/no motivation and tiredness)
Ive been having weird symptoms for the past 8 years (approx) these include, tiredness/fatigue, low mood/depression, low motivation, some stomach cramping and bloating most of all chronic heartburn and recently lots of burping. I also have some light acne, dry skin on knuckles and elbows, sometimes feel constipated and get the odd bleeding haemorrhoid.
Doctors have always put it down to stress at work and not eating right (im a field engineer, so most of the time im eating out and not at the correct times.)
I have had blood tests done to check iron, vitamin, etc levels and they all came back satisfactory. I've had a breath test for helicobacter and it came back negative. I have been on omeprazole for the last year or so (cleared the heartburn, but not the other symptoms) then I ran out and had to talk to the doctor again. After asking (suggesting) her could this be a food allergy/intorallance, I have now had a blood test done (should have the results next week) and been referred for an endoscopy (2 month waiting list). To be honest our local GP's are very good at misdiagnosing, both my parents have bee misdiagnosed for various things including diabetes and ive heard other stories about misdiagnosis of cancer from neighbours. So In the meantime I did a biocard test (I didn't quite get the full about of blood into the vial) and it came back negative. Also I haven't stopped consuming gluten just yet.
Just wanted to see you thoughts.

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