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Member Since 30 Jan 2013
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Topics I've Started

Milk Allergy And Celiac Proving To Be Quite Difficult :(

20 January 2014 - 02:25 PM

Last year I had a positive Deamidated Gliadin IgG blood test and a positive skin prick test for a milk allergy at the allergist's office. I faithfully cut out gluten and dairy for 6 months, but as time stretched on and we moved and life started getting busier, I began eating gluten and dairy again. I was feeling better. but it literally took months to feel almost normal again. I even began losing weight and had a hard time putting it on after cutting out dairy. However now I am in my same old rut I was exactly a year ago, sick not able to et out of bed, hardly able to concentrate. I know many of you probably wonder why I am doing this to myself, but it has been harder than I thought with family and with kids and with my weak will power I guess to give it all up. Plus now that I have been ingesting it for so long, the symptoms seem worse and I am not seeing the results as quickly. This is a vent post and probably sounds dumb. I am reaching out in some small way to hopefully help myself again.

Newly gluten-free And Dairy Free And Itchy Sores Everywhere! Aaaah!

10 February 2013 - 12:22 PM

Hi, I post here all the time, and I am newly dx'ed with celiac disease and a dairy allergy and I have since cut these foods from my diet. I have been off gluten for over a week, almost four days free of dairy. I already struggled with itchy, flakey and very sore scalp before I found out I had food issues. Well now that I have been gluten free, I have been getting itchy sores all over my scalp, and they kind of ooze some, and I also have been getting the sores on my arms, the inside of my fingers and on my neck, more the back and side part namely. Has this ever happened to anyone before after newly cutting out gluten or dairy? I have no idea if this is dh or not, but it seems strange that it seems to have gotten worse since cutting out the trigger foods. Any guesses on what is going on? Oh please not another allergy!! Lol

How Long Did It Take Before You Saw Any Improvement?

07 February 2013 - 07:46 PM

I just found out yesterday that I have a dairy allergy and my allergist said with recent blood work that it looks like I also have celiac disease. I am just curious how long it has taken you with dual (or more) allergies and sensitivities to see improvement after you changed your diet?

I Found Out I Also Have A Severe Dairy Allergy

07 February 2013 - 06:48 AM

About 2 weeks ago, after a positive DGP IgG, I had suspicions that I had celiac disease . And I for about a week I have been gluten free and felt a marked improvement in the way I felt. My little guy has had some strange symptoms so I suspected he had a milk allergy. My daughter, he and I all went to the allergist and haf the prick test. My lucky daughter was not allergic to anything and my little boy does have an allergy to watermelon. However, I had a very strong, itchy welt and the doc looked at it and says "You are very allergic to milk"! He even gave me benadryl before I left his office. I felt sick and immediately got a headache in his office. I cannot believe I have milk allergy. Well I asked if the positive DGP IgG was related to the dairy and he said no that I probably have celiac AND a dairy allergy and he advised going paleo. He said its not uncommon to have both celiac and a dairy allergy. He said to stay away from butter, cheese, chocolate and any milk related food. In just a couple weeks after I basically found out I cannot eat gluten, I also find out I have a pretty bad milk allergy. I feel so limited as to what I can eat and feel overwhelmed. Anyone else have a milk allergy here along with celiac? See any improvement after quitting dairy?

Celiac And Lupus Relationship And Possible Mimickers

03 February 2013 - 11:37 AM

Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you all about an article that I came across as I was researching dsDNA and celiac correlation. When I had my testing done for celiac disease, my dsDNA was also detected which is a marker for SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) but my neurologist, family doctor and several other second opinions later, they all say I do not have lupus because of the low titer range being 1:10 and I never get the rashes nor joint pain association. I have had seizure type activity, photophobia, neuropathies, and weak muscles that I surely thought was lupus, however I never have had all of the criterion and things just didnt quite add up. I also tested positive for the deamidated gliadin peptide igG (DGP IgG) which indicates celiac disease.

In doing research I found an article wriiten about a woman, Margaret Romero, who was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, and she found out that she had the genes for gluten intolerance. Her story is pretty remarkable and I wanted to ask you guys if you have heard of her before and what you think about her story. I will attach a link but I am not sure what the rules are for posting for links, but here it is, I hope that you can read it and see her success. http://celiaccorner....en-sensitivity/

I also found this study for those with lupus like symptoms and even diagnosis which turned out to be gluten sensitivity. http://ard.bmj.com/c...63/11/1501.full I am not saying this is EVERY case because everyone is different. I think for learning and knowledge purposes it can be very informative. It also may offer some of us relief. I wonder if celiac really can be mistaken for lupus? Has this ever happened to anyone here? Thanks in advance and I really hope that it is okay that I am giving these links for others to read.

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