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In Topic: In Need Of Help Please!

30 January 2013 - 08:04 PM


If you have celiac disease you won't improve a lot until you get all gluten out of your diet. That means even small amounts like from a shared toaster or shared peanut butter jar etc. It may be difficult in a college environment if you are on a meal plan. But it makes sense to talk to your academic adviser to see if the school can accommodate your dietary needs. The safest bet is to make all your food from scratch yourself. Sharing a kitchen with gluten eaters who don't understand cross contamination issues could be difficult. You didn't tell us much about your situation and how you are eating so I am just guessing at some possible issues.

Some starting the gluten-free diet tips for the first 6 months:

Get tested before starting the gluten-free diet.
Get your vitamin/mineral levels tested also.
Don't eat in restaurants
Eat only whole foods not processed foods.
Eat only food you cook yourself, think simple foods, not gourmet meals.
Take probiotics.
Take gluten-free vitamins.
Take digestive enzymes.
Avoid dairy.
Avoid sugars and starchy foods.
Avoid alcohol.

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Hey there,

Thanks for your response!
Well, I've been as good as I can and as the situation allows-
I'm not on a meal plan and do all my own cooking, I have bought my own pot, pans, and cutting board (not wooden) that only I use hear at school and keep in my room so no one else does. And I don't use a toaster ever. I know that cross contamination is a big issue, but I have been super careful and it's honestly easier to do so here than at home where my family all continues to eat gluten but is more careful when I'm at home.

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