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My 12 Yr Old Son Has Glutant Intolerant Symptoms But Diagnosed Psychological.

01 February 2013 - 07:26 PM

My son came home from school one day feeling really yucky. He went straight to bed. He has since been out of school for two months. In the beginning he was sleeping alot like 12-14 hrs a day, stomach pain, joint pain in elbows and knees, muscle pain in legs, bad headaches and short tempered. We took him to see his pediatrician and they did a blood test, urine test and a sinus culture. They tested for mono, flu, lymes disease, Epstein Barr virus and everything came back negative. Brought him back the following week and they tested for autoimmune diseases and iron deficiency. Test came back negative for autoimmune and positive for iron deficient. He was put on 325 mg of iron. This helped so he is not sleeping as much but now has trouble falling to sleep. The pediatrician then referred us to a pediatric rheumatologist. They checked him out and said they saw no sign of swelling in his joints. They thought that it may have been a virus and that he will eventually feel better. In the meantime I spoke with the school and requested that my son have a tutor until he felt better. The school inturn requested a doctors excuse before they would agree. The pediatrician spoke with the school and said it may be viral but were leaning towards a psychological problem. The school then requested that my son be evaluated by a counselor before they would agree on any more ttutoring. So tomorrow we are off to see a counselor. This whole time I've been doing my own investigating by reading "what's eating my child" because i do not believe he has a psychological problem. Thanks to this book my son has been gluten free for about a week in hopes that this is the problem. No improvements yet. Anyone have a similar diagnosis? Any ideas on how to get his pediatrician to change her diagnosis?

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