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Member Since 01 Feb 2013
Offline Last Active Jan 22 2014 12:03 PM

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After You Cook gluten-free

17 January 2014 - 01:38 PM

Afterwards, you have to wash the dishes.  


Now, when my DS & I were first diagnosed, the support group we were in encouraged me to get some dedicated cookware...so I bought a set of RED pots & pans.  I thought that the glassware & glazed plates/bowls would be ok to share (I have to run a "mixed kitchen").  


No one has ever been able to answer this question of mine: will I cross contaminate my cookware by having it washed it in the same dishwater as thing that were glutened?


Also, my stoneware isn't brand new so there are some scratches in it.  


So, it's been more than a year since we were diagnosed & son STILL had ttg antibodies at his 1 year check up!  


I'm so fed up with this (both him & I getting sick for no discernible reason) that I've gone ahead and purchased dedicated EVERYTHING for my gluten-free cooking.  I've purchased everything in RED and have told DD (who does the dishes) NOT to wash our things...I do that separately in a brand new RED basin that I bought specifically for this.  We store our things separately, also.  I feel like maybe I'm going overboard until I remember the let-down feeling I had when I learned that DS STILL has the antibodies in his system!

Bj's Restaurant & Brewhouse

09 January 2014 - 12:13 PM

This restaurant is actually very close to my sons GI Dr's office.  The 2 times we've gone in there have been disasters! And that's not even really about the gluten free we need.


The first time the service was just soooo bad.  Was told it was our waitress' 1st day.


The next time (about 6 months later) I realized they only gave us the gluten-free menus...which don't have any prices on them...and are more of a food allergies than gluten-free menu.  The service was again HORRIBLE (the waitress asked how us gals were doing--only my son & me sitting at the table!) and I was again told that it was our waitress' 1st day.


DS says he'll never go back there & I have to agree!

I'm New But I'm Not New

09 January 2014 - 11:56 AM

I was diagnosed with Celiac in Oct. 2012 & joined here in Feb. of last year but never became active here because I found another Celiac Forum that I was involved with.  It got shut-down last summer and now I find the need to re-connect.


My (then) 16 y/old son was diagnosed with Celiac in Nov. 2012.


We live in NE Florida & did join a local Celiac support group but it was meeting too far away for us to keep going (although they've moved their meeting place much closer....might have to go back).


My son & I are at our wits end!  I know how to read labels & I do.  I know how to cook gluten-free & I do.  But for some unknown reason, DS & I both keep getting Glutened!  Went back to step one & started reading EVERY SINGLE LABEL on anything we were going to eat (roasted mixed nuts, generic french fries & some generic BBQ sauce were found to contain wheat :( )  But STILL having problems.


I fear that the mixed kitchen I'm keeping is the culprit.  I do have dedicated cookware for gluten-free cooking (bought new at time of our diagnosis, I bought RED pots & pans & no-one but DS or I use them for gluten-free cooking only) 


I even wear "lunch-lady" gloves when I prepare DH's sandwiches for his lunch.  Although at our last visit to DS's GI Dr., he told us that the ONLY way to get Glutened is by ingestion through the mouth.  I don't know that I believe that totally.


Anyway, that's my story (& I'm sticking to it) and I guess y'all will be seeing me around from time to time.

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