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Member Since 02 Feb 2013
Offline Last Active Feb 10 2015 02:04 PM

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In Topic: Need A Gluten Free Friend

09 July 2013 - 05:09 PM

Hey Casey! I so understand with college, and how people don't get it all. I'm always here for a new buddy too lol :),

In Topic: Need A Gluten Free Friend

01 July 2013 - 07:08 PM

Hey! I'm Reba. I'm 20 and I understand everything!! I've been eating gluten for almost 2 years now. Just like you my mom understands the most and then probably my sister. Some of my friends are accepting and they are willing to learn and try it. Eating out is the hardest because it is impossible where I live to find a restaurant to understand our allergy.

My biggest struggle lately. Its been a month now and I helped a friend out and when they picked me I was in the car with a sheet cake, a 3 tier cake, and over 200 rolls. I always couldn't be around it and they didn't think anything of it and I was around it for 2 days and they didn't believe me it was that bad. Like I said its a month later and I'm still struggling with it because I still have a headache, I'm still getting sick, and my stomach still hurts.

I'm always willing to talk and listen. :)

In Topic: I'm New To Being Gluten Free

13 February 2013 - 02:34 PM

That's really cool. I used to listen to a bunch of classical.

In Topic: I'm New To Being Gluten Free

11 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

Kareng thanks so much!

Opa3 thanks so much! I love any kinda music. My favorite genre is alternative! What kinda music do you listen to? Sorry it took so long to reply.

In Topic: I'm New To Being Gluten Free

06 February 2013 - 02:28 PM

Teruff thanks for the help!

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