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In Topic: Hypothyroid And Celiac Link

03 February 2013 - 07:54 PM

Tiredsean, I'd be interested to see the actual numbers from your thyroid testing. You're correct in your original post that many doctors will tell their patients that their thyroid levels are fine when they in fact mean that the levels fell on that particular day of testing within the lab's generous "normal" range. Diagnostically, you're 'fine.' The doctor's job is to make sure you don't keel over on his/her watch, whereas we as patients tend to also care about our quality of life. So if your numbers are on the high or low side of the spectrum, you can still feel like crap even though the doctor may consider the matter closed. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the late '90s, and I have had to educate so many of my doctors about this issue, it's pretty sad. The lower body temp, cold extremities and constant fatigue are classic symptoms, and I still deal with them even on medication.

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