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Member Since 04 Feb 2013
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Topics I've Started

How Much Does The Diet Really Help?

04 March 2013 - 07:15 PM

I am awaiting biopsy in 7 weeks but I have read some discouraging stuff the last few weeks since my blood results researching the condition.  I've seen anything from numerous people claiming the gluten-free diet actually made them diabetic to only 50% of people are healed after 5-10 years since cross contamination simply occurs way too often to get back to 100% capacity unless you literally lock yourself in your house for all your meals.  My only blood test which was positive was the IgA which was 20, the EMA and TtG were raging negative.  I have tried gluten free eating here the last 3-4 days, I plan on doing it for another 3-4 before going back on gluten before the biopsy.  Amazingly my gas and bloating are almost gone completely, still some discomfort but about 90% better overall.  However, I've developed horrible cold hands and feet, not sure if this a withdrawal symptom or my body revolting to getting less or different food than it is used to.  My weight has also dropped off 3 pounds in 4 days, largely because I have not been eating my snacking donuts 3 times a day which are 280 calories a piece, remarkable what a difference losing 840 calories a day can do. 

Breakfast Food/breads Question

28 February 2013 - 06:59 PM

I'm awaiting biopsy but am testing gluten free foods.  I tried Vans frozen waffles and blehhh did not like, bought some nature's path waffles and those were much better to me, alot closer to eggos.  Any other brands out there?  I did not see any others in Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  I also cannot find gluten free pancakes at either store at all though I do know they exist as I have seen the Van's ones advertised online though both stores only have the gluten ones.  I asked the girl next to me who was grabbing some of the Van's gluten free waffles and she said generally if you find the pancakes take a photo because you don't see them too often.  As far as bread goes I saw Whole Foods keeps em all frozen yet Trader Joe's does not for some reason?  I'm assuming its probably not a good idea to buy the non frozen bread as far as it lasting long?

Test Results Pointing To Early Stage Celiac?

04 February 2013 - 08:43 AM

Just got the results of my tests. This reeks of very recent development of celiac disease to me. Any ideas? With the marginally positive IgA and somewhat high negative IgG, also note the borderline negative transglutiminas IgA at 3. Of other note all bloodwork at my general physician in Decmember was normal including RBC, hemoglobin, iron, calcium, and thyroid. I have had IBS symptoms on and off for 15 years or more, have not really noticed any glaring symptoms change in recent times. I did have a period in December of 5-7 days of pretty nasty gas and bloating but no diarrhea. In the last 3-4 days the same pattern resurfaced and now appears to once again be improving. Is this cyclical symptom pattern somewhat common in celiac? I was eating some pretty horriblly glutened foods for Xmas and the entire last 6 weeks since the first flareup and no symptoms whatsoever til the same thing came back last week.

Deamidated Gladin IgA - 20

Weak positive 20-30

Demidated Gladin IgG - 15

Negative 0-19

Transglutiminase IgA - 3

Negative 0-3

Transglutiminase IgG - <2

Negative 0-5

Endomysial Antibody IgA - 174

Normal range 91-414

C-Reactive Protein - 0.7

Normal range 0.0-4.9

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