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Topics I've Started

How Long For Results After Biopsy?

18 February 2013 - 02:49 PM

HI everyone,

I finally had my biopsy to confirm/rule out celiac.  My bloodwork was not all conclusive(one of the tests was positive not all?).  She stopped by quick and said it went well she found some small diverticulitis.   I am going to call to make a follow up appt tomorrow and maybe they can tell me how long the results take. I have started being gluten free today though as soon as I got home.


I would like to know if I have celiac though bc my family said we would become a gluten free household if I was:)


If I had damage to my villi she would have seen it today, right?





Freaky Symptoms Freaking Me Out!

16 February 2013 - 10:35 AM

Hi all,
I am waiting on my biopsy to confirm celiac in two days thank goodness. The past month/two weeks I have had wierd scarey symptoms. My fingers became all wrinkly on the fingertip pads. They do this when they are cold. My hands and feet are cold all the time now (this is one of my wierd symptoms that started this past November). When my fingers do warm up they get all swollen and red and feel wierd too. They hurt most of the time. I went to my GP and she didnt really have an answer for me we were thinking raynauds but my fingers dont turn blue or white.

I have googled it and have seen celiac and hypoT as possible reasons for wrinkled fingers but I am unsure about why they swell when warm. Anyone else have this happen as a symptom before going gluten free?

Its scarey because it seems like I am losing my feeling in my fingers and we use our fingers all the time!


Anyone Have These Symptoms?

08 February 2013 - 05:57 AM

Hi all,
I am waiting on a biopsy in a little over a week to confirm my celiac dx. My symptoms are severe gerd, indigestion, some constipation, muscle and joint pain, insomnia (can fall asleep yet wake up numerous times throughout the night), many more.

Here are the things I am concerned about because they are new and not part of my normal fibromyalgia symptoms which I have had for years: feeling cold all the time, cold hands and feet (sweaty feet too), my hands have now began to hurt, they are sensitive to the cold but do not turn colors like Raynauds, my fingerpads are wrinkly (especially when cold) and when they are warm they feel swollen. My palms hurt and are kind of orange colored. It is so wierd and freaking me out. When I googe it alot of symptoms are indicative of thyroid issues and sometimes celiac shows up.

I am going to get bloodwork for thyroid soon, I have had it a couple of times with borderline results. I didnt want to start meds for it in case it was all due to the celiac.

Thanks for any replies I would love to hear if any one else had crazy symptoms like me.


Should I Be Gluten Free While Waiting For Biopsy?

04 February 2013 - 04:14 PM

Hi everyone,
I had the celiac panel bloodwork a couple weeks ago. One of the antibodies was positive but the rest were not so I already had an endoscopy scheduled so she is going to do the biopsy then (in two weeks from now).They did try to move up my endoscopy but I wasnt able to do the couple days they had free. I began going gluten-free to see how I felt. I have been feeling better on gluten-free. I recently read that you shouldnt be gluten-free before testing or it may show a false negative. Do I really need to go back to eating gluten when it makes me feel so bad?
Thanks for any advice:)