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In Topic: Antibiotics, Tannins And Celiac?

22 August 2013 - 08:05 PM

Actually tannins cause intestinal irritation in some if not alot of people. They're present in beans, spices, some fruits, yes wine. Not a big deal except when you start out with a damaged system then it's problem. Probiotics help with the large intestine I was wondering about calming the small intestine of mine I'm beginning to think is becoming a drama queen for irritants

In Topic: Airborne Gluten...

25 July 2013 - 08:51 AM

I am kinda confused here. I too reacted to airborne gluten. It happened the first time at Bob's Red Mill (love the product but store is full of flour dust(. Strange as it sounds 4 hours later I went into a horrible asthma attack and the gi stuff. Another time I managed to get fresh picked, fire roasted in the husk corn at our local fair. I immediately started sneezing, choking and wheezing. Turns out the corn field was next to huge fields of rye grass being harvested and it had been very windy. GI stuff hit 4 hours later. Sometimes, like this morning, I wake up completely congested, sneezing, and then the stomach cramps/diarrhea hits. Other times I just have the GI stuff. BTW it seems like my reaction is from Three Bakers rye style that every indication is completely safe. Anyone else react to it? What part of what I described could be allergy and what do you do if it is? Thanks

In Topic: Thyroid Med Back Order

25 June 2013 - 01:32 PM

I feel your pain!  I could not tolerate Synthroid at all.  I had horrible headaches and had terrible brain fog.  This was before I knew that I had trouble with gluten at all.  Well, if it has gluten in it...now I know why.  I react to even the smallest amounts of contamination.  I put myself in the super-sensitive category on this site, and fortunately those people helped me a ton! Very small amounts build up in me also.  After 3 yrs of being on Synthroid and feeling like crap my endo put me on Armour Thyroid.  This is the natural version made from dessicated pig thyroid. I must say...THANK GOD!!!  I felt so much better, and for the first time...my thyroid was regulated too.  My thyroid has been stable for about 3-4 yrs now, and it no longer is an issue for me at all with how I feel.  There is a generic version of this too from ACELLA, which I switched to because of insurance.  My endocrinologist told me that EVERYONE that he switches from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid love it  and NEVER want to go back to Synthroid.  That poses the question...why start people on Synthroid in the first place?  Why not start them on something natural?  That would make too much sense probably.  I urge you to go get this prescription ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!  And maybe start checking out the super senstive forum on this site.

Thanks, I figured out I'm super sensitive a few months ago and as you the build up of a trace amount almost drove me crazy. Elsewhere in the forum history there were concerns about Armor. Is it a specific name I should ask for?

In Topic: Pf Changs - Gluten Or Other Ingredient

24 May 2013 - 08:22 AM

OMG I. am so sick today after eating at PF Chang's. I've been many times to this restaurant and never had a problem. But this time ordered Moo Goo Guy Pan (sp?) IT really seemed that the chicken was processed not fresh which makes me think it was either dusted w gluten, typical to prevent sticking, or the conveyor was dusted which we know doesn't get reported. Oh so frustrated, sigh.

In Topic: So Fed Up

19 April 2013 - 10:52 AM

Yesterday was my birthday, and my parents insisted on taking me out to a restaurant after I had told them that I'm most likely sensitive to cross-contamination. I felt paranoid during the whole meal, just watching myself for symptoms. My mom has a way of making me feel guilty for being so sensitive and continually asks what she can cook for me. At this point, my diet has become restricted to fruits, vegetables, and seeds (no potatoes or legumes). I'm still unsure about nuts since I had a reaction to almonds this week. I honestly don't want to eat anything cooked in my parents' kitchen because I'm afraid of cross contamination, but my mom acts like it's her duty to cook food for me, and I'd rather she just prepare raw vegetables to avoid the chance of contamination. Anyways, this restaurant had plenty of gluten-free options, but very few that I could eat because I'm sensitive to grains. I ended up getting a salad with cooked pears and beets, and after eating it, I felt tired and had a headache. Then my mom tells me I have to go to a family friend's Bar Mitzvah party and eat the special meal they ordered for me, at a restaurant where I'm sure they won't segregate my food when they cook it. She doesn't seem to believe me when I tell her that cross-contamination is probably an issue for me. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of my parents acting like it's just paranoia, and then my mom seems to act like I'm burdening her with information every time I find a new sensitivity. I'm already stressed about this enough. I'm simply trying to be careful because I know I'm extremely sensitive given the fact that my diet has become so restrictive and my parents make me feel guilty for it. How do you deal with friends and family?

I feel your pain. Having an on going problem with my Aunt ( my mother died at 60 probably due to undiagnosed Celiac issues) who insists she will only go to this French bakery/restaurant for her birthday lunch. Last time we went I got sick as there was flour in the air and a dusting all around. Frustrated because she couldn't believe flour in the air could make me sick she asked "so when will you out grow this". Doesn't seem to matter how old I get I just never seem to be an adult to family. Gotta love them, that's what family is all about LOL (Ps took her plant shopping for her birthday instead)

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