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So-so's mom

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In Topic: Toddler W Celiac gluten-free For 6 Months But Still With Diarrhea

19 June 2013 - 04:50 PM

Soy is one of the major allergens so it might be a good idea to try eliminating that next.  If eliminating the soy doesn't do the trick, you might want to try those processed grain containing cookies and pretzels next.  There is that Tricia Thompson study of gluten-free grains (and soy) sometimes being contaminated.  https://www.glutenfr...g/blog.php?id=6

There is also the gluten contamination elimination diet for those with ongoing symptoms: http://www.biomedcen...1471-230X/13/40

It consists of: "brown and white rice; all fresh (no frozen, canned or dried) fruits, vegetables and herbs; fresh meats, poultry, fish and other non-processed protein sources. Unflavored, unseasoned dairy products are introduced on week 4. Allowed condiments are oils, vinegar (excluding flavored and malt vinegars), honey and salt. Allowed beverages are 100% fruit/vegetable juices, Gatorade, milk, water, and gluten-free supplemental formulas such as Boost and Ensure. All cereal grains aside from rice are prohibited. Processed cheeses, lunch meats, ham, bacon or other such processed, self-basted or cured meat products are not allowed. Lastly, a gluten-free multivitamin/mineral daily supplement is recommended and prescription medication (verified as gluten-free) is continued."


I hope that things improve soon.

Thank you: that elimination diet sounds like it might be very helpful.

In Topic: Toddler W Celiac gluten-free For 6 Months But Still With Diarrhea

19 June 2013 - 02:15 AM

If she takes fluoride pills, make sure you check them for gluten too. Long before my daughter was diagnosed with celiac, I noticed that she always had tantrums right after taking fluoride. I stopped giving it to her and told the dentist about the tantrums, and he looked at me like I was crazy. But whenever I re-tried the fluoride, she had another tantrum within 20 minutes. Now, two years later, this finally makes sense. The pharmacist checked and gluten wasn't obvious as one of the inactive ingredients, but he had no idea whether it was made at a shared facility, etc., and he didn't seem able to get that info. My daughter is quite sensitive (reacts to Rice Dream, foods made at shared facilities, and probably a lot of other things we haven't realized yet), so we're not risking the fluoride and are just hoping that better overall health will do more for her teeth than fluoride will.

No, she doesn't take flouride pills but thanks for the idea, greenbeanie. 

In Topic: Toddler W Celiac gluten-free For 6 Months But Still With Diarrhea

19 June 2013 - 02:13 AM

My now 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease six months ago, after having watery, foul-smelling diarrhea for three weeks.  After 3 weeks of being on a gluten-free diet, her stools became more like a more liquid version of chunky peanut butter.  She has occasionally had formed stools, but mostly they have remained like chunky PB.  How long will it take for her to have normal stools?  It's already been six months!  When I saw the gastro three months ago, he said to give it six months but I haven't seen improvement.  I don't think we are continuously contaminating her re: we have made our entire house gluten-free and she doesn't go to school (and we watch her like hawks when she is outside our home).  When she had a clear exposure three weeks ago, her stool was explosive and watery.  I'm just wondering if she's sensitive to something else, too?  I removed gluten-free oats from her diet about two months ago. Should I eliminate something else?  If so, what?  She still doesn't seem to have regained her appetite, although she is growing along her growth curve nicely.

I think I was hoping some one would say it is normal for the gut to take this long to recuperate and that their child took just as long or longer to develop "normal" stools (I would even take "near normal" stools).....I guess not: I need to keep looking for another cause.....

In Topic: Toddler W Celiac gluten-free For 6 Months But Still With Diarrhea

19 June 2013 - 02:11 AM

My suggestion as well.  Dairy can create some of the same symptoms as a gluten intolerance, and most often, it can be reintroduced once intestinal healing can take place.

Yes, I removed dairy two weeks after we stopped gluten, almost six months ago.  The child is eating a very limited diet re: she was raised lacto-ovo-pesca vegetarian, but has never eaten eggs or fish (has refused them in all forms); then I removed gluten and dairy (I tried to introduce chicken, pork and beef after she was diagnosed with celiac but she persistently refuses them.  Then I removed oats re I read that sometimes a protein in gluten-free oats, called oats avenin, can cause similar problems as gluten for those who are sensitive.  So basically, she's drinking soy milk and eating fruits, vegetables, Lundberg gluten-free rice, tofu, gluten-free chips and tofutti and some gluten-free cookies and pretzels.  Not an impressive diet.  I've read that some rice is contaminated with gluten even though it says gluten-free but that sounds a little crazy to me.  That said, I'm willing to sift through my rice and wash it 18 times before using if truly necessary.....

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