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In Topic: Feel 'fake' If I'm Not Diagnosed

07 February 2013 - 04:18 PM

Your tests will probably come back negative if you have been off gluten for 3 months. From everything I have read, you should be eating alot of gluten for at least 5 weeks before testing. When I was tested I had already been wheat free, so I am assuming that is why my test was negative.

It can be very frustrating to not have an official diagnosis, but I have been gluten free for over 2 years and I would never go back. When I have been glutened, I always get constipated before I get diarrhea! Good luck

Lots of us are self-diagnosed. Some got tested but came back negative. (False negatives are fairly common.) But if someone feels better on a gluten-free diet, that indicates that they either have celiac or non-celiac gluten intolerance.

My Mom had biopsy-diagnosed celiac. I, without insurance, never got tested, but the gluten-free diet "cured" my psoriasis, helped my digestion, cleared up my brain fog, and got rid of my insomnia. I KNOW I have celiac. I never tell people I am self-diagnosed because they might think I'm just jumping on the fad bandwagon. Instead, when I talk about it I say, "Since I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, I can't eat gluten." See? It's not really a lie - I never say DOCTOR diagnosed, but I don't say SELF diagnosed either. Just "diagnosed". No one has ever questioned it, and I certainly don't question it either. Gluten makes me really sick, so I KNOW.

That actually does make me feel better!! Between that and Happyw saying they get constipated before diarrhea I feel like I'm not making it up. I know it's weird, but even when I had the cysts in my breasts I felt like if I kept fighting for a diagnosis I WANTED to be sick and was faking it. But I guess I don't have to tell people how I found out or go into my whole story. And after this week I can say with 100% certainty that Gluten MESSES ME UP!

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