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In Topic: Gallbladder Removal -- Good Or Bad Idea?

13 March 2013 - 01:26 PM

Hi Gatita,


I had my gall bladder removed almost 3 years ago. I wish I would of read more about the function of the gall bladder instead of just going with the Dr. orders. Only recently did I go gluten free ( 1 month) and now back on gluten for testing purposes. After the gall bladder removal I didn't notice any difference in my body. But starting last year I started getting D off and on but most importantly I have pain coming from my liver now. My test for liver function look okay on paper but I know it isn't normal to have pain in my liver. I have been taking a liver detox tea and lemon water first thing in the morning in order to keep my liver from pain. Basically without your gall bladder you are expecting more from your liver to cleanse everything out of your system.  I would try to find a natural way to boost your gall bladder and hopefully a healthy gluten free diet can help you heal without the neccessity of removing a vital organ. If it isn't hurting you, why remove it?  


Be well!

So I just had a HIDA scan with CCK and it came back "abnormally low function of gallbladder... related to sprue."


I've had little to no pain from it and have no stones or blockages.


GI doc is recommending removal.


But I've read that gallbladder removal can cause chronic diarrhea, which is the symptom that sent me to the doc in the first place!


I sure don't want to have to live with the Big D forever.


Has anyone had their gallbladder removed before or after going gluten-free? Did it help or hurt your symptoms?


Also, how does not having a GB affect your diet?

In Topic: 5 Year Old Daughter And Mom With Major Withdrawals After 1 Week Gluten Free

13 February 2013 - 12:25 PM

Thanks for your reply.

I am trying to read up on this as much as possible but it feels like it is a moving freight train. We got a call from her school today that she is crying uncontrollably. She is on a low gluten diet but I realize that it may be too much. Basically, I have her eating gluten once a day(pizza, pasta). Is there any suggestions on weaning her off of gluten. Should I consider more of a 50/50 approach when it comes to gluten.

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