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Member Since 12 Feb 2013
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In Topic: I Need Help, Someone Give Me Answers... Please

20 February 2013 - 11:10 PM

Hello all, i have been starting to feel better in my gluten free endeavors, my depression is going away after my girlfriend finally told me that my time to be sad is over and its time to move on, things were starting to look up, however today i went out for supper with some friends and got a grilled salad and made sure everything was gluten free, it was and the waitress was reasurring that the cooks took extra special care, now tonight at midnight pretty extreme gas like pains running through my intestines, i go to the bathroom, have pretty bad diarhea and when i looked in the toiled bowl, undigested lettuce leafs were floating at the top.... Now im wondering if this is normal due to malasorptions, or something like that. Please keep in mind i have been gluten free for only around 3 weeks, and am sure i didnt gluten myself today. I hope to hear your answers, you guys really help a lot. And more updates \i had a throat infection and my bladder infection has cleared up, my only problem now is my intestines and this damn calculus class, (lol)

In Topic: I Need Help, Someone Give Me Answers... Please

13 February 2013 - 12:54 PM

Hi Kocoyboy,

Hope you can feel better soon, it's tough when not seeing improvements.

Honestly, a week & a half is often not long enough to get settled into knowing what to avoid & to answer "where/what CAN I eat?"

Is there gluten-free food at school? If you're eating much processed food, would you be able to simplify your diet? For as easy as it can be, that can help a lot.

You may need to be dairy-free for a while. The Dr, imho, should've mentioned that.

thanks for the feed back, i have been dairy free also, i come home for lunch everyday now, one more thing i need to mention... i seem to have episodes of feeling lousy around every three days, where the episode only last about 1-2 days, is this normal?

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