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In Topic: Gluten Cutter: Digestive Aid?

15 November 2014 - 08:45 AM

I tried gluten cutter last night after I'd been accidentally glutened from catered food at an event. It helped alot.  I had terrible abdominal cramps, and because the catered food was from a franchise I was able to look up the ingredients online, and yep, there was a small amount of flour in one of the dishes I ate... one that the caterer had assured me was gluten free. Within ten minutes of taking Gluten Cutter the cramps went away entirely. Nor did I get any of my other usual symptoms--exhaustion followed later by insomnia, diarrhea, sever hunger. Keep in mind that I took the Gluten Cutter within 15 minutes of consuming the gluten... it probably wouldn't work if taken an hour or two after glutening.


Obviously this doesn't mean that a person with celiac disease should be gobbling down gluten and then trying to counteract it with Gluten Cutter. (Remember, the amount of gluten I'd consumed was only a VERY small amount). However, based on my own experiences, if, in the future, I suspect I've been accidentally glutened, or if I'm going to eat where I know there's a good chance that trace amounts of gluten might be in supposedly gluten-free food, I will certainly take a dose of Gluten Cutter with the meal. It's more like an ADDITIONAL prophylactic to assist all one's other efforts to completely avoid gluten (while still leading a normal life!).

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